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How to fool a polygraph?

How to fool a polygraph? I clarify that a lie detector cannot read your thoughts and thus find out whether you are homosexual or not. He registers only the psychophysiological state of the subject at a certain point. And that means that he, like any machine, can be deceived, beat his brains, so that he could not give an exact answer. There are three main ways. You can easily find their detailed description on the Internet. The first is to try to lower the sensitivity of your own sensory analyzers. To do this, on the eve it will be enough to drink a certain amount of alcohol. The next day, a person becomes weakly sensitive, his reactions are conditionally saying “inhibited” and he will not be able to objectively respond to the presented stimuli. The lie detector will not be able to draw definitive conclusions.

Another approach is to suppress all emotions so that no stimulus causes a reaction. The basic principle here is that a person tries to answer all questions automatically, without paying serious attention to them. He should focus on the picture of the wall that is in front of him, or on some other neutral object or memory from his life experience. This method requires the ability to self-concentration.

However , feigned emotional reactions to insignificant irritants turn out to be much more effective. If you want to provoke a reaction to a question, just try to multiply a few multi-digit numbers in your mind or think about something that causes rage or sexual emotion. For example, if you do not want to be caught in homosexuality, multiplying the numbers in your mind is necessary when you are asked "do you prefer women." But if there is an inverse problem, i.e. You have to pretend to be a homosexual who you are not (for example, to slope away from the army :) ), then you need to multiply by hearing the question "Do you prefer to have sex with people of your gender", etc. As an option: when you are asked about women, at this moment you are presenting or recalling sex scenes with men (or vice versa). Thus , the sexual reaction to the pictures from your imagination “overlaps” with the asked question and it seems that it was the question that caused such a reaction. With a certain sensibility and willpower, this method works. The result can also be achieved by reading poetry. To myself, of course. Something long, like "Eugene Onegin." Experiencing the main character and answering questions, as if between things.

The physiological reactions characteristic of psychological stress also cause pain. Therefore, some thought of putting a button in the boot under the thumb: pain when pressed on it should cause a “fake reaction”. There are many different ways to create fake reactions, one of them is the tension of some muscle groups that is invisible to the expert. Typically, people press their toes to the floor, lower their eyes to their nose, or press their tongue to a hard palate. The thing is to hide this movement from the interrogator . I warn you that in such ways you can only deceive an inexperienced expert, they are well known to an experienced professional. Therefore, deal with this matter carefully. By the way, it is most difficult to expose precisely internal, mental devices. If you use them at the right time, then you can lead the expert to erroneous conclusions.

I recommend English connoisseurs to visit the site of staunch polygraph fighters . The credo of this site impresses me very much. In a free translation into Russian, it sounds something like this: "Their right is to try to find out the whole story about us, our right is to send them all to ... This is democracy." This site features the curious work of The Lie Behind the Lie Detector. In it, opponents of detectors offer their own methods of combating "unscientific methods of testifying, designed for idiots and working only in a lawless country."

These recommendations apply to a classic bark detector that detects pressure fluctuations, respiratory rate, blinking, cardiac muscle contractions, electrical activity of the skin, brain activity, and involuntary movements of arms and legs. For example, when the device is connected to the body, the first thing it is recommended to pay attention to even breathing. Its frequency can range from 15 to 30 breaths-exhalations per minute (approximately 2-4 seconds).

It is generally accepted that rapid or slow breathing indicates that a person is lying. In addition, it is known that after a "dangerous" question there should be a "sigh of relief", so you should control your breathing until you completely "disconnect" from the wires that you are entangled with.

In order to outwit blood pressure sensors, enthusiasts advise between the questions of a polygraph examiner to do the following exercise: to compress the muscles of the anal sphincter and bite the tip of the tongue. It is necessary to compress the muscles so that the legs and buttocks do not move, since in modern models of detectors, sensors are brought to the seats, indicating the slightest fidgeting on the chair and swaying of the ankles.

Techniques similar to those listed above can be used not only when checking with a lie detector, but also during a normal conversation, for example, with a psychologist. After all, an expert psychologist will also very closely monitor your reaction to his questions to find out if you are telling the truth.

And lastly, I bring the original method of dealing with a polygraph sent by our reader.

After a little thought, I decided to write a few words about the polygraph ... If you may ... I don’t think that I will have to pass such a test in connection with my problem ... But still ...

The fact is that in the ways that you offer, you can deceive a polygraph ... But for this you need to be a very prepared person. The committee has been preparing people umm for this ... well, for a very long time. After the failure of the Stasi agents, if sclerosis doesn’t fail me in the 60th or in the 61st year. I mean the methods of replacing questions or (especially !!!) suppressing emotions. The button method is good, but ... With modern testing, sensors are placed under the legs of a chair. And any movement will be instantly detected and interpreted not in your favor. As well as muscle contraction.

Pressing the tongue to the sky, biting the tongue is quickly determined by the appearance of any, even not very experienced expert, who during the test will not look at the tape at all - why, it will be recorded automatically anyway, or on the monitor screen, but will look at you face, revealing additional, NOT psychophysiological reactions, especially eye movement. Coming from a hangover is good. It’s also good to JUST drink some alcohol. You can NOT alcohol. You can cup coffee 7-10. You can also other drugs, such as tranquilizers. But again, with a SERIOUS testing, you will definitely get a blood and / or urine test. What all your tricks will figure out. Which again will be interpreted NOT in your favor. Not to mention that testing can simply be postponed. In addition, all this affects the heart rate. And it is ALWAYS measured when testing on a polygraph. And the increased heart rate per minute can also be interpreted AGAINST you.

And absolutely all of these methods are not applicable if you are being tested from the CAMERA. But the way that I allow myself to offer in many respects is free from all these shortcomings , tested (do not ask where!) And showed good results. With this method, you also need to drink. But only water. And in large quantities. Everyone roughly knows how much he needs to drink to go to the toilet ... well, I VERY wish. How to drink long ... You can try to calculate so that on preliminary, “sighting” questions you still wouldn’t really want to.

But, even if they didn’t calculate it, anyway, you can force yourself not to think about what you want in the toilet on “sighting” questions, to relax as much as possible ... Well, in general, everyone has his own ways of dealing with himself in such cases. But then ... Focus as much as possible on your bladder, which is bloating, bloating, which is about to burst, think only about what you want to piss, unbearably want to piss, there is no more strength to endure, there is no more strength to think about anything other than what you want PI-PI !!!