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50-60 tomatoes from the bush

50-60 tomatoes from the bush

One bush of tomatoes can be grown on two roots - and the place is saved, and the harvest will be more abundant. I, for example, received from one such bush up to 50-60 tomatoes. The variety does not matter.

To do this, I plant seeds in one container close to each other - at a distance of no more than 1 cm . When the seedling grows and the thickness of the stem becomes sufficiently large, with an acute razor, I remove the top layer of the stems of two neighboring plants from the side to which they face each other to expose the cambium. The length of the 2- 3 cm . After this, I tilt the plants to each other so that the naked parts of the stems are combined, and tightly wrap this place with a ribbon of film about 1 cm . I grow as a regular seedling.

Shortly before planting the seedlings in the soil of that of the plants that developed worse, I pinch the top - above the cut I leave the 3- 5 cm . Transplanted into the soil, the plant develops rapidly, since it now has a powerful root system. When it gets stronger, carefully remove the film.

Caring for a bush is different in that it needs to be watered and fed more often and more abundantly, given the presence of two roots. When planting I put a reliable support, because the bush is larger than usual.

Try it yourself! Than you risk ?! In extreme cases , you will grow a bush on one root ...