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Reverse device

Reverse device.

Structurally, the device is a 220/12 V transformer connected to a household network, according to fig. 1. The power of the transformer must be at least 600 watts. For the winding of the transformer was used toroidal magnetic core from LATR with a capacity of 2 kW (diameter of the torus window 240 mm ; torus steel section - 25 sq. m. cm.). For the manufacture of the magnetic circuit can be used and plates from transformers with "O " - shaped core (used in the circuits of railway automatics).

The primary winding is 100-120 turns of copper wire in enamel or silicone insulation of 2.44 square meters. mm, folded in four. The secondary winding - 12-15 turns of the same wire, also folded four times. When using "O " - shaped plates, the sectional area of ​​the magnetic circuit is not less than 25 square meters. see Note the counter-series connection 1 and 2 windings (Fig. 2).

The manufactured transformer is fixed on a textolite base so that the magnetic core and its fasteners do not touch the case. Appliance. Connections of the device with the "ground" are made of copper wire with a cross section of at least 10 square meters. mm Connect the outlet for connecting the device directly to the switchboard at the entrance (at least to the junction box in the hallway) with a wire of at least 10 kV. mm; In order to avoid overheating of the wires, such a connection can be avoided if the wiring does not overheat much during the experimental connection of the device. The case of the device is made of cast aluminum, it is necessary to drill as many holes with a diameter of 4 to it. 6 mm for ventilation. Wires that supply current to the device from the outlet, for ease of use should be marked: "zero" and "phase", the same on the outlet.

The device included in the network causes the effect of reverse rotation of the meter's dial, provided that any other consumer is switched on in your power supply network (TV, lamp, stove, etc.). Moreover, the more powerful the consumer, the faster the reverse rotation.

During operation, the device should not be left on for a long time without supervision. When switching on, connect the ground wire first. After assembly, the device must be checked for the absence of a short circuit between the turns of the corresponding device.