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The method of free legal receipt of an apartment

1. The method of free legal receipt of an apartment.

2. A way to earn large amounts of money without breaking the law.

The essence of the method in creating an "extra" apartment, buy it and (in the second case) resale. We play on the fact that the price of an individual apartment is greater than the price difference between a large and a small apartment.

We find people who want to change their big apartment for a smaller one. It can
be willing to change the area or those who find it difficult to maintain a large apartment.
We choose for them exchange options from the number of congresses from small flats to large ones.
Information can be found in newspaper ads, on message boards, in city services, engaged in the exchange of apartments, etc. With the consent of those who live in a large apartment-in the future, B-for an exchange for one of the small ones and, with the consent of those who live in small flats, in the future M, in exchange for a large one there remains an "extra" apartment, which must be redeemed and in the second case sold. To implement this method, you need to become a broker for a while and demonstrate diplomatic entrepreneurial abilities.

Algorithm of actions

1. Create a list of those wishing to change their large apartment to a smaller one. To create it, you can use the "Directory for exchanging living space", ads, etc.

2. Create a list of those wishing to come from small apartments to a large one, using any available information.

3. To select from the list 1 and 2 the options that suit M and B, the area (MB) M - the extra charge for additional troubles (MM) - associated with the exchange condition compared to the usual one, and also to avoid a separate contract between M and B.

4. In the case of mutual consent, we have that B claims to one of the small apartments "in the future KMB", M claims to a large apartment "in the future KB", you are applying for another small apartment "in the future KM."

5. Ideal is the option in which the CM apartment is privatized, it is necessary to bear this in mind when compiling the list 2.

6. If the KM apartment is not privatized, then it is necessary to organize the conclusion of an agreement on the privatization of the KM apartment into M.'s personal property

7. Organize exchange of KBs for KMB, paying off with B the amount of MB.

8. Within 10 days from the date of the exchange (the time during which it is possible to terminate the exchange contract if the M terms of the transaction are not respected) conclude in the notary office a contract for the purchase of an apartment KM from M, paying off the M amount of MM, paying a fee of 5% of the MD amount , stated in the contract of purchase. The amount of MD is paid fictitiously (a particular way at your discretion). Ideal is the option, in which the contract will bear the amount MD - MM, which is much less than the market value of the apartment KM.

9. So, as a result, you pay the amount of MB when exchanging KMB, pay the amount of KM when buying KM in your property.

10. KM apartment has become yours politically for free, because the amount of MM + MB is much less than the cost of an apartment KM. If nevertheless this amount is too high for you, then you can use this method for the first time as a way to earn money, and the second time for getting an apartment in own. In this case you will get an apartment completely free of charge and even with some profit.

11. If you use this method as a way to earn money, then you need to sell a KM apartment at the maximum market price of M. Then you will receive a profit P = M (MB + MM - 0.5MD).

12. Former owners of KM are registered to the current residents of apartment B. For this they must be relatives. This is also taken into account when creating the list 2.

With all our heart we wish you good luck.