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Roses how to make roses, care

Growing roses green and yellow

To do this, you need to plant a rose plant near the rosebush called ostrokrov (an evergreen viscojeld plant, a shrub with spiny leaves and poisonous red berries). When the island starts and grows , you need to split one shoot, thread the pink twig through this point and bend it. Next, unhook it and grip it with hemp so that air can not pass into the ulcer. When a point located on the other side of the island on a pink twig, will give escape, you should immediately release it from the rassep, causing the pink flowers to turn green.

Growing yellow roses:

It should be done exactly the same way as described above, but instead of an island, plant a plant called shilny grass (a chituha plant, a umbilical cord, a water traveling companion).

How to grow flowers any day you need

To do this, do this: during the fall of the last flowers (but it is desirable to save flowers), you need to choose buds on the stem, which are ready to turn around soon, cut them with scissors, leaving, however, they have a long stalk in three inches Cut off the place immediately with sealing wax, let the kidneys wither, wrap each kidney separately in white paper and store until the time when they are needed. To the flowers bloom, on the eve cut off the ends of the stems together with sealing wax and place in the water so that the ends swelled. Put some saltpeter in the water.

The next day, the kidneys will unfold in their full color and smell, which is a very rare and surprising phenomenon.

But the original American way to keep roses for two years and completely fresh. Tear off the rosebuds that are ready to bloom so that they have a small stalk, dry the salt in a cast-iron pot on the fire; it will turn into a very fine dry powder. Then put a layer of this salt on the bottom of the tin box and put your buds on it so that they do not touch each other, add salt and seal them. When you need fresh roses, remove the buds, which at first glance seem completely dried, cut off the ends of the stalk and put it in the water. They will begin to come alive little by little and then completely bloom.

But a variation of this method, which is used by many.

You can salt not only roses, but also lilac, spherical dahlias, tulips, chamomiles, asters. It is done this way. In a cardboard box poured calcined salt layer 1 cm , half-dissolved flowers are placed there, covered with the same salt, covered with a lid, put in a plastic bag, tied and put in a cool place.

By the New Year, the 8th of March or others, the festive date should be taken out of the box flowers, put with the head in a basin or bucket with water for 2 hours. It is best to wash under running water, and then collect a bouquet. Flowers do not lose their smell, colors, they stand for a long time in water and   no different from fresh cut .

How to change the color of torn flowers

A mixture of nine parts of sulfuric ether and one part of ammonia is prepared, poured into a saucer or plate and a flower is held above it, the color of which is desirable to change. Flowers should not be immersed in this liquid, because from this they can perish. In a few minutes, the evaporation of this liquid turns a pink or purple color into green, white and yellow. If the flower is slightly sprinkled with this mixture, then specks will appear on it. In order not to hold a flower over a plate, it is attached to a paper funnel, which covers the liquid.