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Profitable business ... on balloons!

                     Profitable business ... on balloons!

  The idea of ​​making money on balloons filled with helium is not new, but almost completely forgotten. The market is free, and with skillful conduct of business, you can make very good money almost out of thin air, or rather ... FROM GEELIA! :)


                                                        Where to buy:

1. Balls - in children's stores, central stores in the department of children's toys.

2. Balloons with compressed helium (10 - 40 l), - in hardware stores and firms selling accessories, equipment for welding: oxygen, acetylene, etc.



The average price of a balloon with compressed helium is $ 35-47,   about 500 balls. Take the average cost of the balloon - $ 41   and calculate the cost of gas costs for 1 ball:

41: 500 = $ 0.0082  

The average cost of a ball is $ 0.15. We summarize the cost of a ball filled with helium:

0.0082 + 0.15 = $ 0.232. In UAH it is approximately 1.23, in rubles - 7.42.


Depends on the popularity of the market, liveliness of the district, advertising, wholesale is (for various celebrations) or retail, holidays, and of course prices. The average margin on the ball can be - 100% of the cost (plus / minus). On holidays, you can realize several times more than usual, the number of balls with a markup of 200 percent or more.


Of course, in the open points are unlikely to hold the balloon to fill the balls "without departing from the box office." It is possible to rent a one-room apartment, a room, a private house next to your outlet, where to keep a balloon and a ready-made average supply of “ready-made balls” for the day; in which case in a few minutes you can prepare   new batch. If you have a car, you can carry and leave a small tank in it - on 10 l . It is desirable to work in twos: one is the seller, the second is the courier: it is not very convenient to put more than 15-20 balls in a small outlet at a time; as the sale of goods is better to bring new batches. In addition, in this case additional advertising is created.



1. Having arrived at your trading place, lift on a strong cord for a dozen (you can and more) meters large package in which you place (so that it does not bend in the wind) not one, but several balloons. Place posters or inscriptions in large letters on the package on both sides, for example, “SELL AIR BALLS”. To your trading place will walk in crowds to see. And the part of the "looking" - will buy.

2. It is necessary to put up and advertise in newspapers about the following content: “Balloons filled with compressed helium will decorate your wedding, any family celebration, and this is a great gift for children. Always on sale from ... to ... on the NNN market . It is very easy to find our trading place - look to the sky and stay on our aerial advertisement! Low prices; We accept pre-orders . " You can also place an advertisement on trolleybus coupons, matches, creeping lines, banner panels, etc.

                                         The secret of successful sale of balls:

It is very important to know that the overwhelming majority (more than 50% unequivocally) of your potential buyers would gladly buy a ball for themselves to decorate an apartment, as a gift to loved ones, acquaintances, first of all - to children ... BUT DO NOT DO IT. Why? Very simple: due to embarrassment - “How will I carry it home? For the rope? On the way, everyone will look only at me, look around, let the jokes go ... "Ie must be on the counter   a poster with a noticeable inscription, for example: “We pack the balls! Package - ... cop . " Ie in parallel with the balls will sell and packages.