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The way to send sms messages for a nominal fee

               The way to send sms messages for a nominal fee

As you know, by purchasing a starter package of a mobile phone number, you simultaneously receive an email address corresponding to your phone number, which has the following format:

- for Kyivstar : the number +380 67 1234567 will have the e- mail address of the following form

- for UMC: number +380 50 1234567 will have an e- mail address of the following form

Some companies provide the ability to send sms messages from a mobile phone through their sites. To do this, it is necessary that your phone has all the settings for accessing the Internet, which you can check with the operator.
Now about the technology itself:

To send sms messages over the Internet, you need to type the following line in the browser window (and press Ok ):

After connecting the phone to the Internet, you will see the following page:
Sending email



Now disconnect from the Internet. The page for sending email has already been stored in your phone's memory.
Go to this page in off- line mode (ie, while not connecting to the Internet) and fill in all the fields. Once again I want to draw your attention to the fact that in the line: "to whom" - it is necessary to completely specify the email address of the phone.
After filling all fields, select send . The phone connects to the Internet and after a few seconds displays a message that your information has been sent. Now disconnect from the Internet .

With the cost of access to the Internet about 30 - 40 cents per minute, and the time of sending the message 5 - 10 seconds, the cost of sms messages is 3 - 5 cents!
And when using GPRS , when the fee is charged not for a time, but for the amount of downloaded and transmitted information. The cost of the message is almost zero !!!

How to make money on it? Think for yourself! Even if you use this method only for personal purposes, do not forget: "Money saved - money earned."