How to seduce a woman in 24 hours

How to seduce a woman in 24 hours


One of the eternal questions: why do some men only look at a woman, and she is already ready to go to bed? What is there to do - a fascinating look? Athletic build? A thirty-centimeter baton between your legs? Hardly. Linking sex solely to the size of your penis means getting on the wrong path. But then what?

"Penthouse" asked me to share my knowledge about what girls are losing their heads from. As a result, you get a kind of a small reference book or, if you want, a textbook, and if you can follow its instructions exactly, your lady will surely be in your bed. With a lucky coincidence, you can manage for 24 hours.


The main thing is trust


When you happen to be with a girl in an intimate atmosphere, the most important is what you say to her, "says Milton Diamond, author of" Sex Watching "(" Notes on Sex "). Both love and sex are forms of communication. Talking in bed is your most powerful weapon. "I'm just crazy about some peasants, outwardly the most ordinary," says Harriet, 28. "For me, sexuality is first and foremost a sexual voice and the ability to communicate."

Of course, girls like flattering, smart and delicate conversations. But keep in mind that women have a supernatural ability to catch when they begin to deceive. They remember your lies for a long time. Let's listen to the advice of 28-year-old Jerry, very popular with my girlfriends: "If you want to get a girl to bed, do not start boasting about the fact that you're heading an international company, especially if you're just a commercial clerk. Will never be able to climb under her blanket. "

Flattery, as already noted, is a good remedy, but here too there are rules. Yes, any woman is pleased when she is perceived as a lovely goddess of love. But tell her how caring, gentle, understanding, admit that she is the only person with whom you can really talk, and her heart melts much faster. Act carefully. If your girl has big breasts, do not hold your attention to them. Do not pretend that they do not attract you at all, and she will be pleasantly surprised that the man is talking to her really for the sake of talking.

So what do women want to hear from you? Studies show that for women the most important thing is confidential conversations that make them feel intelligent and sexy. Is it too abstract for you? Okay, here are some proven methods that work almost without fail.

The method of "causing sympathy" (the emergence of a lulling sense of complete security is guaranteed). "I never understood women, maybe you will try to help me?" A pause for the affirmative answer and a sequel: "Tell me how you see the ideal man."

The method "I need-something-more-than-simple-get-up-to-you-in-the-cowards" . "Why is it so difficult to find a woman who would really like a serious relationship? I do not see any point in just sleeping - so you never really know a man."

The method "to cause sympathy on the contrary" . "You do not look like today, what happened?" It is very important to bring your companion to a frank talk about yourself, during which she will be filled with great confidence. But be careful: some women may misunderstand you and go into a counteroffensive on the principle of "better look at yourself."

Once you win women's trust, consider that you have traveled most of the way. "My ideal man loves women," says Rosalinda, 28. "But when he's with me, I always feel that all his thoughts are just about me, I feel that he's really here ... with me, that I'm - His joy, I'm calm with him, do not hide anything, he understands me with his mind, heart and flesh. "


Sex appeal


In the seduction of women, the main role is played by three things: charisma, sexual attraction and trust. Charisma is not directly related to external data. "Charismatic people are often not handsome," says psychologist Ray Bull, "but they are able to adjust character and social behavior to their appearance and are always considered the fact that at first glance they are not fascinated." Wendy, 26, agrees completely with him: "The sexiest men I've known are those who never give up: not intrusive and aggressive, but stubborn and incredibly charming." It's very difficult to deny a man who so obviously wants you and so This is achieved. "

Achieving sexual attraction is easy. It all boils down to two things: the ability to listen and master the language of gestures. No woman can resist a man who really listens to her: do not do anything, just show interest. People who feel that all their speeches are received with great attention, immediately endow the listener with all kinds of virtue. All that is required of you is to keep your mouth shut.

Then the sign language: react to what she says and copy her gestures. "Synchronizing gestures is an effective way to get someone to talk to your partner," explains Sandra Sedzhibir, author of "Sexual Power." "The same gestures indicate the same attitude toward the topic under discussion, which automatically leads to the conclusion that your views are close" . Add to this all this trusting intonations, and no woman will not refuse you. "The posture is important," Sandra Sedzhibir adds, "The way you stand or sit can say a lot about you, for example, a man with downcast shoulders looks like a helpless, unhappy man." But the pose of a confidential conversation: the body is straight, the head is tilted slightly forward".


Do not be shy: show!


To impress, use everything you have. If you know that women like your ass, wear tight jeans. Have an expressive look - often look into the eyes of the interlocutor. Exercise before the mirror! Attract attention to those parts of your body that rely on women's affection: put on, say, a fashion belt - her eyes will always stay on a beautiful buckle, and then inevitably there will be an idea of ​​what's inside, under your pants.

Polls show that 80 percent of women in a man pay attention primarily to the eyes: impress her with her incredibly sexy look (pre-training, as already noted, in front of the mirror). Your pupils - at least at first - should expand from the depths of her eyes! Studies conducted by N. Rayhold, the author of the book "The Tell-Tale Eye" ( "Eloquent look" ), showed that the pupils of most men at the sight of a pretty woman really expand, which is not observed, for example,

When meeting with another man. Learn to expand and contract your pupils, and your companion will understand how shocked you are (even if it is not quite so). Everything is very simple. Look into the distance, and then again into her eyes - the pupils will automatically change their size and show your excitement.

Visual contact is a powerful force. Do not neglect it! Here's what, for example, says 26-year-old Diana: "I do not know if I escaped from his long eyelashes, or from an eternally screwed-up look that drove me to cramps." Guys who behave like supermen and immediately lie on the sofa, Always provoked my antipathy. "

Remember: the invocatory look is a real treasure; Do not hesitate, use it!


Here and now


It may seem strange, but a chic dinner in the most expensive restaurant is not so necessary for seduction. "A homemade dinner is more effective," explains Nick, 27. "The girls always get the impression that you know how to handle pots, even if you really do not know how to do anything." (Nick usually buys a ready-made dinner and puts it in his utensils so that everything looks at home.) "For most women, a man as a cook is a curiosity, and they are already quite intrigued by it," he continues. "Well, of course, To eat at home means to be closer to bed. "

Another great way to get a woman to go where you want is the so-called trach of sympathy. Andy says, in the recent past, a great expert on this technique: "Tell her that you were thrown by a sweetheart, which is very hard for you and you can not spend this weekend alone - there certainly will not be a refusal." There must be two beds in the room. "They went to bed: She's in her bed - she's guessing when the attack starts, but you do not pay any attention to her and quietly snuffle.As soon as she realizes that nothing is planned, she will be hurt - is it really so weak its attractive force? - and she herself Will do something ".

As you know, a retreat with the speed of several knots, unexpectedly replaced by a decisive offensive, only helps women overcome the last centimeters dividing you.


Massage with meaning


She is your guest, and you already want physical rapprochement. Just do not attack her like a beast! Leave it room for maneuver. The main thing - do not scare away. Women can not stand to feel only sexual objects. Do not use a sledgehammer, and do not slobber. The best way to lull the vigilance of your lady is to treat her gently and carefully. If you decide to kiss, do not attempt to remove her tonsils without anesthesia. Sara, 30, says: "One guy I really wanted was just disgusting when, in the midst of a sentence, he jumped on me and put his tongue in my mouth." I nearly bit him off! "

Turning to caress, exercise restraint! You do not earn extra points if you grab your girlfriend's chest when she sends you a chocolate biscuit. Listen to the words of 22-year-old Nicky and draw conclusions: "The worst type of men are those who are invited to a cup of coffee as an invitation to sleep.The real man will breathe in the perfume of your perfume and only slightly touch his lips to the skin.The real man gently caresses your neck, One day in the cinema the guy spent two hours playing with my hair and caressing my neck. "By the end of the session, I was only thinking about the bed."

And if you really want to move to decisive action, take advice from the 31-year-old Patrick and try a massage. "Massage is one of the fastest methods of seduction," he explains, "Do not immediately paw the entire body, it's much better to start with light strokes of the hands and back, then she will trust you more." And you will not have time to notice how you will end up in bed " .

If your girl is too shy to agree to a massage, ask her to tell fortune on her hand. (Women are bald from men with mystical inclinations: you immediately make the impression of a spiritual person, which means sensual and capable not only of printing a pack of condoms.) The advantage of this pseudo-chromancy is that you get the opportunity to caress her hand (start with the folds Elbows - it will immediately goosebumps). Then tell her something curious: the type that, judging by the lines of her hand, she finally met the man of her dreams. The ice will melt quickly.

As for the massage, there are some contraindications. Do not, for example, knead the skin like a dough: erotic inspiration will not increase, but bruises are quite possible. We need rhythmic, sliding strokes of the most erogenous parts of the body:

Neck. Very light caresses of the back side and circular, tickling movements of the thumb under the chin. The more tender, the more accurate. Pave the path to the back of the head - this is a very sensitive part of the body.

The back of the head. Circular stroking with the palm of the back of the neck through the vertebrae will give excitement directly to the vagina.

Shoulders. Pinch your shoulders with your fingers and massage them from above, then go down to the spine.

Spine. There are points directly connected with the centers of sexual reactions. Press your thumb and index finger from one side and the other from the vertebrae and draw them from the top down. Then massage the rest of the back. Do not press too hard; Maximum - to the level of your client's easy oykanya.

Feet. If she allows a foot massage, consider that you are already at the target. (Feet for most people - a very sensitive and intimate area.) Here, a lubricant is desirable: use some kind of baby cream. Rub them on your heels, and then with your hands - your feet.

Ankles. Here, at an altitude of a few centimeters, there are points in which, according to Chinese experts, sexual energy concentrates, capable of turning your girl into an insatiable tigress. Massage these points for thirty seconds, and from it just sparks sprinkle.

Arms. Slip your fingers on the palms of your chosen one, then squeeze her fingers and gently caress them. Take the palm with both hands, stroke: many women are very excited.

During the massage, do not forget to repeat what a wonderful, smooth, unusually tender skin she has. When your lady relaxes enough, lay her and massage her legs along the entire length, to the hips, avoiding, however, the more widely known erogenous zones. Now she is already so excited that she will wonder why you do not start the main thing. Bringing her thus to the "white heat", you can not worry about anything else and let her finish the rest of the work herself. By all these sudden stops, the onslaught, alternating with digressions, you will put it before the need to decide to intercept the initiative, because the only thing a woman can not stand is uncertainty. Play with her in cat and mouse!

Of course, all of the above is just a script. Your concern now is to turn it into reality. If, nevertheless, your passion does not rush to your neck, tearing off your clothes, it does not mean anything. Either you did something wrong, or your charm was not enough. Between us, boys, speaking, not everyone manages to go on the move, in 24 hours to shake out the girl out of clothes and put her in her bed. Usually these guys have names like Kostner or Gibson. So, maybe you should change your profession?