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Technology of production of alcohol and its solutions from wood

Technology of production of alcohol and its solutions from wood

The production of alcohol consists of two stages:

1.     Getting sugar (or glucose).

1.1. Sawdust is moistened with water.

1.2. A solution is made: 50% water, 50% sulfuric acid.

1.3. The solution is mixed with sawdust.

1.4. Placed in a vessel with a lid and heated to a temperature   200-250 degrees C. The cooking time is 70 minutes.

1.5. The cooled solution is filled with water and mixed. Filtered.

1.6. The filtrate is neutralized: crushed chalk or lime water is added until the release of carbon dioxide bubbles ceases.

1.7. Content is set for several hours. Calcium sulphite is deposited on the bottom, and above is a solution of glucose.

1.8. Filtration of the solution from the precipitate. To obtain sugar in the form of crystals, it is necessary to evaporate the water. (It is not recommended to use in food because of foreign inclusions.

2.     Preparation of alcohol and its solutions.

2.1. It is achieved by distilling the fermented solution:

     Sugar                       Water                  Yeast for food

1000 grams            3000 ml ( 3 l )                  100g

NOTE. To produce alcohol and its solutions, it is sufficient to use a glucose solution without evaporation of the sugar.