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Termite pencil - manufacturing

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Termite pencil - manufacturing

The usual match suggested the construction of a termite pencil.
With it, it is quite possible to weld simple metal products at the dacha.
A pencil is a piece of wire from ordinary carbon steel. Its diameter - from 2 to 3 mm - depends on the thickness of the parts to be welded. The thicker the larger the diameter. Outside the wire is applied thermite mixture, steeply mixed with glue. Its composition: 24% (by volume) sawdust aluminum, (but not an alloy of sulumin), and 76% iron oxide. Particle sizes up to 0.5 mm.
At the end of the termite pencil - the seed, very similar to a match head. It consists of 1 part (by weight) of bertolet salt and 0.5 parts of small aluminum sawdust. Both components are also kneaded with glue. It is clear that priming is needed to initiate the combustion reaction. That's the whole trick.
But recall that when welding, be sure to use a holder and glasses with dark glasses.