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Toning glasses, glasses; autofilters

Make a 20% solution of rosin in caustic soda (NaOH); Dissolve the rosin until the liquid becomes dark yellow. After filtering, add a little solution of ferric chloride (FeCl3) or ferrous sulfate (FeSO4); iron salts take a little. A precipitate of iron is formed, it must be separated, washed, dried; then dissolve in pure gasoline-solvent, and best of all - in pure hexane or non-ether ether. Spray the solution with a spray gun or brush evenly onto the glass, which must first be cleaned, degreased in a soap-soda solution, rinsed and dried. After applying the staining solution, the glass is dried, then placed in the oven for 5-10 minutes at t = 600 ° C, after which a strong and thin brown film forms on the glass. If you use other chlorides, you will get different colors: copper chloride - green; cobalt chloride - blue-blue; Chromium chloride - emerald-ruby; zinc chloride - milky white; lead chloride - yellow. Regulating the concentration of rosin and metal salt, you can get a different saturation of the film on the glass. Work should be in rubber gloves, in a ventilated room. Experiment first on pieces of glass, record, fix regimes, concentrations, temperature, time and other details.