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Scheme of re-registration and multi-threaded sponsor bxod

The secret of quick pageview in VISITS . RU ( BXOD .COM )

The description is based on the use of the MyIE 2 browser (can be found on any soft portal) and the AtGuard firewall . It is possible that when you use other browsers, the effect will be the same.

Install the above software. Customize on your own.

We go to VISITS . EN and begin the proclikation. What do we see? Opens a window consisting of 2 frames (the lower one is the time counter, the top one is the advertised site). We need to open the HTML page coding (the button in the top bar of the browser: View - As HTML ) and see where the VISITS site is loaded . RU .

The code is small, so there is nothing complicated. Then, having copied the found address, it should be registered in the prohibition of downloading advertising AtGuard ( Setting - Web - Ad Blocking - Add (we enter the address in the opened window) - Apply - OK). And so it is necessary to do with all sites.

Why choose MyIE 2. It's simple. This browser allows you to click on the link on the page, but the page that opens does not make it active, but puts it behind the page that the link was on. Those. the entire list of links Vizitsa you have before your eyes, and you can very quickly click on all links.

From my own experience, I know that it's really possible to crawl up to 50 links before the first clicked link will restart the main page.

This method runs for connections at the lowest speed, because traffic is practically not wasted, i.e. you can open all the links and the inscription "The day has not passed yet" does not appear. Also, we must not forget that we must prohibit the loading of banners in the lower frame.

P. S .Remember, that it is necessary to work this way cautiously. earnings of 200-300 rubles. a day will cause suspicion from the company and it will banish your account. Therefore, it's better to get 3-5 accounts in Visits, do not allow daily earnings on your account more than 50 rubles. Do not forget about cookies either.