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Anonymizer, free web proxy, CGI proxy lists

Анонимайзеры и Анонимный серфинг

Anonymizer - initially a tool for hiding information about a computer or user on the network from a remote server. Client software can connect to the anonymizer as a proxy server or, for example, as a website (web proxy). Today, web proxies are the most popular because they do not require any additional settings or software.

The web anonymizer works as follows: a user visits the web site providing the anonymizer service, enters the address of the web page in the address bar that the user wants to visit anonymously. The anonymizer downloads this page to itself, processes it, and sends it to the user on its behalf (the name of the anonymizer server). The use of anonymizers today has shifted from ensuring the confidentiality of user information to providing access to websites that are prohibited on the local network.

Detailed information on what anonymizer is and the definition of other terms (proxy, proxy types, comparative proxy table: HTTP, SOCKS and CGI, anonymous surfing) you can find in our frequently asked questions section .

The best anonymizers provides free VPN anonymizer, online VPN services and more.

Anonymouse - a very good free anonymizer. By using this CGI proxy you can anonymously surf e-mails and look at news. (URL (for proxy chaining):

HideMyAss - anonymous browsing, you need to hide your ass online! (URL (for proxy chaining):

ShadowSurf free anonymous proxy - Surf privately and 100% anonymously with ShadowSurf's FREE web proxy. You can access blocked sites while keeping your IP secret. No software needed.

Easy Security Web Proxy

HotSurfLive Web Proxy

New Anonymous Web Proxy

Nu3ga Myspace Proxy

Other anonymizers

Guardster is a good anonymizer. Controls cookies, scripts, ADs, images and referrers. (URL (for proxy chaining):

ProxyWeb - java javascript, cookies and ActiveX. Proprietary network connection (URL (for proxy chaining):

WebWarper - This is a popular web anonymizer. This CGI proxy can pack web pages "on the fly". (URL (for proxy chaining):

MegaProxy - Free anonymizer can work with HTTPS sites. (URL (for proxy chaining): - free web based anonymizing proxy. Instant access, no download, no registration, and no fee required. (URL (for proxy chaining):

Anonymizer.RU - russian anonymizer: this english CGI proxy has many additional options only after registration. (URL (for proxy chaining):

The-cloak - This is a free CGI proxy. This anonymizer supports HTTP, FTP and HTTPS sessions. Can hide referrers. Requires payment. . (URL (for chaining proxy): - remove cookies, ADs, referrers and can use HTTPS connections. (URL (for proxy chaining): - Good cgi proxy (anonymizer). It uses 128-bit SSL-encoding. Can enable / lock Java, JavaScript, Cookies, ActiveX. (URL (for creating anonymizers chain):> | mirror1 - Psurf is one of the best proxy services on the net. Using your school firewalls and filters. Allowing you to view | mirror1 | mirror2 | mirror3 | mirror1 The 121 relationship between you and annonimity. Fast, reliable and secure!

Livre Proxy - CGI proxy or PHP proxy. - is anonymous proxy service that allows you to surf the web privately and securely.
http: //www.proxy2info/

Web FTP clients

Web2FTP ( Mirror ) - FTP service through web (Web-FTP) client. It provides access to the server via the WWW interface using the HTTP protocol (you can use proxy). Casual FTP client: browse directory, upload files, chmod etc.

Marzie's WebFTP client - a web2FTP client: it provides you with a protocol.

WEBFTP service - like Web2FTP client. - Another web2ftp client.

ProxyBuster can be restricted to the Internet, even when it can be restricted to restrict access to these sites.

Classic proxy chaining procedure




Example: (link doesn't work now)

Example: (link doesn't work now)



Non-working (old) anonymizers - this anonymizer permits to surf the web anonimously. This web proxy uses the HTTPS protocol for hiding transferred information. The homepage of this anonymizer is here: . Temporary doesn't work.
URL (for proxy chaining): https: //

ShadowBrowser - anonymously at the same time. No software to download and supports SSL websites. - As informed us in Anonymizer, Inc. , this link is not any online privacy or anonymity service.

Surfola - cool CGI proxy with many features.
URL (for chain proxy):

Pure privacy - cool anonymizer + remailer. You can use this anonymizer to send anonymous e-mails (by using this proxy). URL (for proxy chaining): - The better cgi proxy server. It is a lot of different features, inclusive cookies, all banners, referrer information, browser and OS info. URL (for cgi proxy chaining): - The best and fastest CGI proxy. Anonymizer supports URL encoding. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't with Internet Explorer.

Computerboy88 - cool cgi proxy. Not need registration and AD banners.

123anon - free TRIAL version. Restrictions: cannot show pictures, javascript is disabled.

WabLair - good CGI proxy. This web proxy can delete scripts, AD banners and cookies.

Blazeboard - CGI proxy like above. Choose the best CGI proxy for you and use it.

NetHush - privateproxy , safeproxy - good free anonymizer, doesn't need registration. It has several mirrors.

V3 - This is a good and fast CGI proxy. This anonymizer has not AD banners.

dsl2k - new cool web proxy, the clone of JMarShall CGI proxy . Removes referrers, cookies, all java / vbscripts, ads, etc.

GZip proxy Mirror - a cool Russian GZIP CGI proxy server (Russian anonymizer!). GZip proxy has a web page for "on the fly".

WebShopCD proxy - new russian web proxy anonymizer, clone of JMarShall CGI proxy. Features: remove cookies, referrers, ADs, etc.

SubDimenstion - This anonymizer uses frames. The field for URL is in the frame.

Safeproxy - free web anonymizer that can delete cookies, etc.

Secure.FC2 - this is clone of JMarShall CGI proxy. Good and fast anonymizer. Uses HTTPS connection to hide information about your surfing.

Rewebber - This popular CGI proxy needs registration (free). - The Strongest Links: Free browser based anonymizer. No popup ads. No software needed. Start surfing in privacy right now! - This keeps you up to date on your computer.
URL (for making proxy chaining): - hide your ip, manage your ads, referrers and cookies through this free web based proxy.
URL (for proxy chaining): - Access your webmail, myspace, anonymously. - We do not sleep until you have a safe route. Use us at school, work or home. We can bypass most filters. - Free webbased proxy. By using this proxy you can surf the Internet securely and safely. This keeps you away from tracking your computer.
URL (for proxy-chains): - Proxy Foxy offers you free anonymous surfing. Internet security tool. Avoid cookies, spyware and other malicious scripts.
URL (for making proxy chaining):

banned! 78Y.NET - It is a web based anonymous web proxy restricting restriction through a web interface. For example, you can use our services.

banned! - 75I.NET is anonymous CGI Proxy proxy that allows you to surf the Internet privately and securely without any restrictions. 75I.NET anonymous web surfing proxy service is free.
URL (to create chains of proxies):

ProxyPrince - Very fast US based PHP proxy. Very easy to use, and very quick. ProxyPrince will keep you safe and secure. Anonimity is your main concern, your tracks are sure to be kept hidden.

banned! Proxy Guy - The Proxy Guy offers free anonymous surfing. Click here a button. URL (for making proxy chaining):

banned! - Games Proxy helps you play all your favorite flash games online. Games Proxy to browse all your favorite sites such as ebay, hotmail & more!

banned! - it changes to your ip. You can also use it to access / bypass blocked websites on your school or office. URL (for making proxy chaining): http: //

banned! - Access blocked websites in school or work safely and anonymously. Surf with Ad Free Browsing Pages!

banned! - Anti-firewall redirector. You can get from the internet. Now your internet activity firewall.

banned! - Free anonymous web proxy. Bypass blocked websites and browse privately at work or school. Shields you against cookies, spyware and malicious scripts. ( Mirror1 , Mirror2 , Mirror3 , Mirror4 ) - CGI proxy with HTTPS support. This is a service that includes the client side scripting. It also supports rotate13 or base64 URL encoding. URL (for making proxy chaining):,,, /, - This is a free, safe, anonymous web proxy with configurable options. Browsing anonymously with from a firewall. URL (for making proxy chains):

banned! - It is a free anonymous web based proxy service. Firefox with blocked ports. URL (for making proxy chains): ( Mirror1 , Mirror2 ) - This is the proxy address. It`s absolutely free. URL (for making proxy chains):,,

banned! Proxy - Free browser based anonymizer without any software. Bypass bans and hide your ip through proxy. URL (for making proxy chains):

banned! - free proxy site with a cgi proxy tool, daily updated proxy servers. URL (for creating proxy chain): - it’s easy to use.

It can be your proxy address or personal information. Proxy Spy has a range of features including disabling javascript, encoding, URLs to bypass filters Proxy Spy is safe for you. - Fast and Secure US Proxy. PHP Based and very easy to use. Anonymous while browsing the internet. URL (for making proxy chaining): - Free Anonymous Browsing. Hide your IP and get past school and work filters.

Clever Proxy - Clever Proxy is a smart and intelligent web-based proxy service. It allows you to remain anonymous whilst using the internet. You can’t find out what your computer is.

banned! A Proxy Site - A Proxy Site is a simple and reliable web-based anonymizer. By using it you can bypass filters the Internet. It has many features including blocking javascript and cookies.

Fully Sick Proxy - Fully Sick proxy allows you to remain anonymous by routing web requests for you. Javascript and block cookies. Our site is fast and reliable too.

Desire Proxy - is a premium free anonymous proxy. It provides many services for nothing! These include cookie removal, no image browsing and more. Keep anonymous and keep secure with Desire Proxy. We know what you desire!

Perfect Proxy - Perfect Proxy is just that - perfect! Anonymous in the process. It has many additional features.

Prime Proxy - Prime Proxy provides a great free proxy service to the general public. Whilst browsing your favorite websites. Prime Proxy is used by students and adults in many situations. Try us today - it's 100% free!

Proxy Aware - Proxy Aware? Anonymous whilst browsing the web! It has many additional features such as cookie blocking, disabling images and URL encoding.

banned! Proxy Craze - Proxy Craze is a proxy craze. Craze is the proxy of choice! Features include URL encoding, cookie blocking / image blocking, and a neat interface!

Proxy Gasp - as the name suggests. At this site, it’s simply that the URL is completely anonymous! You can’t get your IP and you can’t get it later.

Proxy Please - Well, thanks for please! Cookies, including URL blocking, URL encoding, whilst being extremely fast and reliable. If you want to bypass filters then you need it!

Some proxy - easy to remember Keeps you totally anonymous whilst browsing the internet. Features include URL encoding and cookie blocking!

Stupid Proxy - Despite everything, stupid proxy! If you are going to use a proxy, use Stupid Proxy! It makes it easier to use your mobile phone. Enjoy!

That Proxy - Which proxy - this proxy? Why not! You can choose 'That Proxy'! You will be haunted by your computer.

banned! If you’re looking for something to do. 'Want proxy' is an excellent proxy site that you'll end up using all the time. It is a favorite amongst students and workers who want to bypass filters.

banned! - Unblock MySpace for PHP and CGI backend (web based proxy). This site uses the server proxy IP for surfing the web anonymously. Protect your privacy! Surf Anonymously! Bypass Security Filters! Private Browsing!

banned! - Free and secure cgi web based proxy site. Surf the net from Work, school or home. Keep your info safe from hackers.

banned! - ProxyDetective - Simple and Free cgi-webbased anonymous proxy surfing. Surf safely from your work, school or home. - Hide your movements via our anonymous proxy. Our proxy will bypass school and work filters.

banned! - surfing the internet anonymously. - This is an animizer address or track you. You can get access to your school, college, university, etc. URL (for proxy chaining):
Go proxy

By www without a trace

Traveling on the Internet, we do not often think that we leave traces of our visits every time we go to a site. Perhaps, it would not be worth worrying about this if the amount of information that site owners could potentially get about us was not so great.

Standard log files, ingenious scripts and other tricks of curious owners can learn a lot about you: type of computer and operating system, country of residence, name and address of the provider, and even often your email address and your name.

There are many reasons why a user may not want to leave traces of their stay. There is also an unwillingness to disclose your email address in order not to become a victim of spam, and the need to obtain information from the site, which varies depending on the country from which the request was sent. Or, for example, you often visit your competitors' Web site and want to do it anonymously.

In addition, there are such bjaki as cookies, and security holes in MSIE reveal more and more new ones ... In general, shouldn't we send someone else on our WWW trip? The idea is sober, and fairly easy to accomplish, and in several ways.

Method 1: Anonymizer

Anonymizer allows such anonymous surfing. Go to their website ( or ), type the desired URL, and go!

Going to the link placed on the page that you view using the Anonymizer, you get to the next page again through the Anonymizer, so the process is automated and you do not need to type the new URL again.

There were good times when the Anonymizer went to the specified address immediately, but now for those who use this service for free, there is a 30-second waiting period. In addition, the Anonymizer allowed using both HTTP and FTP resources. Now only registered users can use FTP.

When using this service, the mark in the log-files is not left by you, but by the Anonymizer, which rules out the possibility of collecting all the information about which was written above. No cookies reach you.

Some sites, for example (for example, Hotmail), are inaccessible through it, which is obviously explained by the desire of their owners to keep track of visitors. The anonymizer also does not work with secure sites using the SSL protocol.

Anonymizer has two more nice features. Firstly, some WWW sites are inaccessible from one place, but accessible from another. Secondly, some sites give you information depending on where your request comes from.

Method 2: Proxy

You can also anonymize web browsing using a proxy server. Proxy server works, in fact, as Anonymizer, i.e. The document from the site is "picked up" by him, not by you.

True, there are some important differences, namely:

  • the proxy does not relieve you of cookies (save yourself, make cookies.txt read-only or disable (Disable All Cookies, Disable the use of cookies) their use in Internet Explorer 4.0 and everything!);
  • the proxy server works with both HTTP and FTP, which makes it possible to anonymize visiting not only Web sites, but also FTP archives;
  • The IP address of your native proxy server, i.e. In addition, the use of which is provided by your provider, still reflects the name of your domain or, at least, its approximate geographical location.

The last point leads us to the following conclusion: if it is very important for you to remain anonymous when working with a website, or when reading and sending mail using a browser (that is, the type of service offered by Hotmail), do not use your proxy server, but stranger.

Most proxy servers restrict access based on the IP address from which the call originates. In other words, if you use the provider Demos, then the proxy server Glasnet simply will not let you to yourself. But fortunately, you can always find a “good” proxy on the network, the owners of which either openly declare its accessibility to everyone (for example, this one), or a proxy, which for one reason or another does not restrict access only to its domain, of which the general public not known, for example: 8080 8080 3128 3333 3128 8080 3128

To configure the browser in Netscape Navigator, go to Options => Network Preferences => Proxies => Manual Proxy Configuration => View and enter the values ​​specified. In MS InternetExplorer is similar.

Having done this simple operation, you can surf the net, leaving a trace, for example, as a Bulgarian or American user, but ... there is one very important point.

Not all proxy servers are completely anonymous. Some of them allow the administrator of the site that you visit using a proxy, if you wish, to determine the IP address from which the proxy is accessed, i.e. your real IP address.

Check your proxy for its complete or incomplete anonymity: If you receive a message Proxy server is detected! - your proxy has a "hole", and you will be given information about your real IP address, as well as about the IP address of the proxy server you use. If the message says Proxy server is not detected, everything is in order! It is recommended to periodically (at least once a month) check those proxies with which you work for anonymity.

In conclusion, a few more considerations regarding the use of proxy servers. Work through a far-located proxy reduces data transfer speed and latency. In addition, the author does NOT recommend using the above proxy addresses, because if all readers use them, then very soon the pleasure will end and access to them will be closed (if not already closed).

Find your proxy yourself, it's easy. The author found these addresses in 5 minutes. In Altavist, type keywords, something like c + Netscape, and you will get a list of pages where providers tell their users how to configure their browsers to work with proxies.

Rob everything, for the fifth or seventh time luck is waiting for you - the proxy will agree to work with you.

Method 3: Erase the cache

Most WWW clients store in a special directory (cache) all those places on the Internet where you were.

For your security, it is advisable to periodically (say, either every day or once a week) erase the contents of the cache (it is better to use non-recoverable methods of erasing information, for example, using the Kremlin 2.1 program).

In Internet Explorer, it is located in the directory: \ Windows \ Temporary Internet Files \

Especially for paranoids

But different anonymizers can be built in chains!

Of course, it is impossible to contact another proxy through a proxy server so that it goes to a website for you, but through the proxy you can contact the Anonymizer.

And it is possible through the Anonymizer again to the Anonymizer itself ... Wow, even captures the spirit of the abundance of combinations.