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How to make a WinXP bootable CD

Here is a way to create a XP boot disk using NERO new versions (minimum Nero

In this case, Nero

The most important points are highlighted in red , if you use other CD-recording programs, make sure that these points are set as described below.

You'll need: boot sector (xpboot.bin) , NERO and XP Distribution (with or without SP) Supplement: The article "Integration of SP1, SP1a into the distribution of Windows XP."

Amendment: Microsoft Corporation.img if you don’t get a zadruzochny disk with xpboot.bin

1. Open NERO Express -> Data -> Bootable Data Disk

2. Add distribution files (“ Add ” button on the right)

3. At the bottom, press the " NERO " button to go to the professional NERO.

4. From the left, where the CD tree with the right mouse button -> Properties

5. Click the Boot tab.

6. In the Source of Boot Image Data, set the flag to the Image file and specify the path to it (in Browse set " Show all files ")

7. Set the flag to Enable expert settings (for advanced users only!)

In Expert settings ->

  • Kind of Emulation: No Emulation
  • Load segment of sectors: 07C0
  • Number of loaded sectors: 4
  • Platform Identifier: Intel x68 Compatible

In the ISO tab, make sure that the settings are set to the following:

  • File / Directory name length: ISO level 1 (Max of 11 = 8 + 3 char) 0
  • Format: Mode 10
  • Character Set: ISO 9660, Joliet0
  • Relax ISO restrictions: all checkboxes are set0

Amendment: If your version of Nero is older than, you will not have the Do Not Add option ; "1" ISO file version extention0 in Relax ISO Restrictions. Therefore, the CD will not be bootable! Take the new version of NERO.

In the tab Label -> ISO 9660

Amendment: Volume Label depends on the version of Windows XP

  • Windows XP Professional - WXPCCP_EN
  • Windows XP Home - WXHCCP_EN
  • Windows XP Professional OEM - WXPOEM_EN
  • Windows XP Home OEM - WXHOEM_EN

  • System Identifier: MICROSOFT_CORPARATION
  • Jackdaw on " Also use the ISO9660 text for Joliet "

In the tab Burn ->

  • Set checkboxes only: Write, Finalize CD (no further writing possible)
  • Write method: Disk-At-Once Click Write to burn a CD

8. Click Write to burn a CD.