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Hacking dummies or how to go on other people's computers

I will teach you how to go to someone else's computers - to sit on the Internet at someone else's account (Freebies) .

Explains the principle: When you access the Internet, you enter the network (that is, you can go to other computers!) .


  • Go to "My laptop" -> "Control Panel" -> "Network".
  • The following components must be installed.
  • Microsoft Network Client
  • Remote access controller
  • NetBEUI
  • TCP / IP
  • Surely you do not have "Clint for Microsoft networks" and "NetBEUI".


  • Button "Add" -> "". In the tear-off window, select "client", on the right - "Client for Microsoft networks".


  • Button "Add" -> "".
  • In the tear-off window, select "Protocol".
  • In the tear-off window, select "Microsoft" - "NETBEUI".
  • Everything, Click "OK", reboot.

Next we configure the connection properties:

  • Go to "My Computer" -> "Remote Access to the Network."
  • Choose your connection, call "Properties".

On the "Server Type" tab should be ticked on:

  • Sign in to the network
  • Software data compression
  • NetBEUI
  • TCP / IP
  • What is not add! So, everything is OK with the settings.

Installation programs:

  • You need 2 programs:
    Shared Resourse Scanner 6.2, the program itself, which comes to other people's computers. crack
  • PwlToolsNet 6.5, it decrypts the passwords that you “borrowed”.

Download programs, install (it is easy) them.

Done !!!

Breaking into:

You enter the Internet, press "START" "Run".

Enter winipcfg in the field

In the window that opens, remember the IP address!

It is approximately like this: Ie 4 digits

Now run srs (Shared Resourse Scanner 6.2 that you downloaded)

On the right is the control panel. Where there are 2 fields, which are divided into points, enter the IP address

Suppose you have, then in the upper field you enter the entire Ip-address, only the latest - change to "1"

It was, you write

Also enter the bottom field, only the last one - change to "255".

It was, you write Now in the "Time Out:" Enter "100".


In the program window appear computers. Thin font designated protected computers. In bold - poorly protected. Red thick - fully open.

Come on computers with a mark of Win98 / Me.

You select a fat or red computer -> "Open". In the window that opens, after a while, the lamer discs will appear.

Select the drive "C", then the folder "Windows" or "Win98" or "Win" or "Windows", In general, the system folder Windows 98.

Find files with a * .pwl file extension (But if PwlNetTools works fine for you, then the file will be in the form of an icon).

So, we copy it to ourselves.

  • Open the PwlNetTools program.
  • Button "Browse" -> Select the file that we downloaded.
  • Button "CheckPass" We learn passwords.

That's all !!!

PS By the way about catching self-taught hackers ...
You go to the Internet under someone else's passwords, Sit, in short, enjoy.
The person from whom you "borrowed" the Internet also wants to go.
Here he comes - "Checking the name and password."
"Error: Such user exists."
He, swearing, calls the phone support.
-You, blah, che create! I do not go, blah!
-Oh, now we'll see!
They look - this is already climbing in the vast WWW.
Determine the phone - Pease @ es!
PPS To prevent this from happening, determine at what time this teapot sits on the Internet.