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Firewalls protection

For protection, and not only from Firewall, this service monitors all network tafik your connection and does not allow the "left" connection without your knowledge. It is useful not only to protect against Nuke, but also protects against Trojans. Firewall is in the program AtGuard , which is now called Norton Internet Security, Besides Firewall has a lot of interesting things there, but it's better not to use this program. it is widely used and many exploits are written for it

ConSeal PC FIREWALL is considered by many to be the best firewall of all time. :) Difficult to set up, but then there will be no problems, you can read about setting up here .

Agnitum Outpost Firewall In my opinion, this program is one of the best, besides it has a Russian interface, here are some functions:

- Ad blocking.
- Reduced connection time with a remote node.
- Lock active elements of web pages.
- Control the content of web pages.
- Control over incoming mail files.
- Definition of scanning and remote attacks.
- 100% non visible mode (does not respond to pings and does not display port unreachable)
- Selection of several policy options for work, including "block all" and "self-learning mode."
- Support multiple configurations / users.
- Password protection settings.
- Ability to work hidden without loading the interface.
- Support for local network and trusted sites.
- Preset settings for most programs and system network activity.
- Online Update Utility
- Protection against attacks like: TEARDROP, NESTEA, ICEPING, MOYARI13, WINNUKE ...

AlarmZone , this is also a good firewall