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Hack soft


Internet maniac A very interesting program with a large set of functions: Ping, Trace, Scanner, Port listener, POP3, and also Host lookup - IP translates into an address and back ( generator - sent by MATOMBER )
Network-spy Sniffer under Windows, Internet Maniac, Packet generator. Prog from the author of Internet Maniac ... ( generator for version 1.7 )
IP Tools Great program, 15 network utilities !!! Shows all connections, trace, ping, HostName Scanner, Host lookup, search for shared resources ...
AATools The cool program includes port scanner, proxy anilyzer, CGI analyzer, e-mail verifier, whois, Network monito Link analyzer, sysinfo, process info, resource
viewer, registry cleaner.
Attacker 3.0 This program monitors the designated ports and when trying to connect to them, lets you know
InetCrack v1.38 Program for faking HTTP packages. Attached help on use.
LoginGenerator (for XP only) Utility for generating meaningless logins. Used for hacking ICQ. (the program requires the installed .NET Framework)
MAC Scanner Scans the local network. Recognizes the MAC addresses of all network devices.
Chilim Flooder v1.01 It is a program for the flood of Vladivostok html chat
WebViewer v1.0 The program displays HTML text of the pages being opened (including dynamically created pages located in hidden frames, etc.), searches for forms, displays the values ​​of form fields, and allows editing them. Built-in editor HTML-text pages to be opened.
MD5inside v1.1.0.2 Program to decrypt MD5 hashes
phpRemoteView (RemView) PHP script for managing files on a remote HTTP server (manufacturer's website
ICQSnif 1.4.28 ICQ sniffer. Allows you to track local network traffic. It records passwords and messages transmitted via ICQ, IRC, MSN, E-mail, FTP as well as files transferred over the network. Saves all messages to archives. Very powerful program.
CookieEditor 1.8 Cookies editor. Supports IE, Netscape, Mozilla.
Antiban The program for unlocking the ban on the parameters of the machine ("superbana"). Removes ban in fastBB forums, chat rooms based on, and other similar systems.
Flooder for Flooder for chat Attached are sources on CBuilder that demonstrate working with the HTTP protocol at a low level. The author of the program skalpel .
IE_XSS_Kit.rar XSS Toolkit


A4 Proxy2.52 Full
A4 Proxy (Demo)
Quick proxy change, proxy check for anonymity, speed, cookie blocking ... full description , Quick start (short description)
HTTPort Prog to use regular proxy servers to work with IRC, POP3, SMTP, FTP ... Useful thing if you are in LAN and you want to use your favorite email program :)
MultiProxy The program is similar to A4Proxy, only smaller functions, it is possible to check proxies for speed, anonymity.

Other (243kb) Password Dictionary for Brutus (77499 words)