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Password Selection with WWWHACK

The author assumes no responsibility for the unlawful use of this method for harmful purposes.
This method has been published so that chat admins can correct their mistakes.

How was the deal

Everyone always wanted to be an administrator in a chat or at worst pobezobraznichat: remove the base of users, send them to the ban, etc. Now it has become very simple.

All we need is the name of the admin or kila, and then the whole business of technology will tell you right away that chats of such classes as in this way are too tough for you because they are too cool and I think that you cannot spoil them because so do not ban. But in chat rooms where admins have nothing to do, so be it please.

An example of obtaining admin rights will be considered on the example of the chat Although, unfortunately, this method does not work there, after I was there chilling about it.

I sit in the internet, I get on sites freebies. And I see an ad that there is a program that allows me to climb porn sites for free. Well, I think I'll have some fun with my girlfriend today. I downloaded it, well, and rummaged in it, it turned out that this is a program for the selection of passwords for sites. Well, I think, I will test this program on this hateful chat. Well, of course, I had a list of users of this cht. I entered them into the file. And drove the passwords that were given with the program. Of course, nothing plochilos because they were English names. And who from ours uses them? So I am sad. But suddenly I think it can be a convenient combination of passwords with numbers and with letters in the clave. Well, I got up and started the prog. And then almost immediately got out the password of the main administrator - moose. But because the password fell out, the admin used the password 1. It is obvious that he is too lazy to knock on the keyboard for a long time when entering the chat. That's how I revenged admins.

A brief description of the use of the program for the average user advancement

The program is called wwwhack is in my opinion the only gang that works in the internet and does not require any fuss with it. You can download the program here for example .

When you run the program, then to get the password, go to the access / web page menu (HTML form) , and in the Enter URL column is the name on the chat input page, for example Then click get info and the program tries to automatically get information about the fields. If it does not work out - fill in the fields manually. Then click OK. If all is well, another window appears. Here I want to focus on the key phrase . There you need to enter the phrase that the chat uses when typing the password. It can be hidden, so you will need to look at HTML. Then, if everyone entered correctly, the program will start clicking passwords with a speed of up to 1000 per minute. Everything is very simple. I will not publish a list of my passwords so that admins do not know, it will not be so interesting.

If you have questions, problems or suggestions, then write to the comments . Once again I want to say that this method is suitable not only for chat rooms. In general, experiment.

Happily, I wish you success.