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How to transfer all mail from The Bat to Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Thunderbird or GMail

I have been in nete since 1995, and at the very beginning of my virtual life for email I used the client program - Eudora Light. This did not last long, because I quickly switched to Yahoo! Mail, which I still enjoy using, and quickly got used to the fact that there is access to soap and all correspondence anywhere in the world without any additional software. When eight years ago — at the time of an outcast like a Outlook sieve, before Thunderbird, before Gmail — I created my website on my domain, it was already clear that with the soap again I would have to go through the client, since My first hosting did not have a web interface for mailboxes. Insanely popular in those days (and now) The Bat then presented itself as a good option and since then I have used it. But lately there have appeared quite good free clients working normally in Russian encodings and utf-8 (important for me since there were letters in the Russian-Slovak mix), and even a full transition to the web interface and online storage while retaining their domain address.

Today I finally moved the mailboxes of to GMail (Google Apps), and in one I figured out how to transfer all mail from the bat to GMail. In the process I also learned other useful things, and right now I will tell them. All this is very simple, but not intuitive everywhere.

... move all mail from The Bat to Mozilla Thunderbird
... transfer all mail from The Bat to Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook
... transfer all mail from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook
... transfer all mail from The Bat, Outlook Express, MS Outlook or Thunderbird to GMail!

Interesting? Read on (many letters) "

Immediately I will note what versions of the programs I have, everything that is written below was done on them: The Bat 3.0, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express 6

How to transfer all mail from The Bat to Mozilla Thunderbird

Only for transfer to a new account, not to add to an existing one !!

Mozilla Thunderbird stores letters in Unix "folders" (each is one file), and The Bat has the option to export to this format!

1. In The Bat, select the folder
2. Select all messages in the folder (Ctrl + A)
3. Tools> Export Messages> UNIX Mailbox, give the name without an extension with the first letter capitalized. For example Inbox or Sent.
4. Repeat 1-3 for all folders you want to transfer.
You should have one or more files without extensions - for each folder in the file

5. In Mozilla Thunderbird, create an account where you want to transfer mail from The Bat
6. Close Mozilla Thunderbird.
7. Locate the folder where the Mozilla Thunderbird mail is stored.
Most likely in C: \ Documents and Settings \ YOUR_COMPUTER_ACCOUNT \ Application Data \ Thunderbird \ Profile s \ t0bh91f5.default \ Mail \ m ail. YOUR DOMAIN.COM
In it you will find the files "boxes" where the mail is stored. For example, Inbox and Inbox.msf for incoming emails. In the first, the mail itself, in the second, the index and it is not particularly needed.
8. Replace the existing folders and copy the new ones from those created in steps 1-4. It's okay that for new ones you do not have .msf files - when you start Thunderbird it will create them.

That's all! Start Mozilla Thunderbird and you will see all your mail!
PS If there is a lot of mail, give the prog a couple of minutes to create / update indexes.

How to transfer all mail from The Bat to Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook

1. On the hard disk, create temporary directories for each folder of your email account (Inbox, Sent, VasyasMail, ...)
2. In The Bat, select the folder
3. Select all messages in the folder (Ctrl + A)
4. Tools> Export Messages> Message files (.EML), save in the appropriate directory from the ones created in step 1.
Each message will be saved as a separate file.
5. Repeat 2-4 for all folders of the letter from which you want to transfer
You should have several (or one) directories filled with EML files, such as 00000001.EML

Import to Outlook Express
6. In Outlook Express, create an account to which you want to transfer mail from The Bat
7. In the same place, create all the same boxes that are in the portable account with The Bat
8. Open the Windows Explorer one of the directories created in paragraph 1.
9. Select all .eml files (Ctrl + A)
10. Drag (and drop) these files in Outlook Express directly to the appropriate box. Everything!
11. Repeat 8-10 for the remaining boxes.

Import to full version of MS Outlook
I had nothing to check for, but I suppose you can drag it to the full version of MS Outlook just the same. If it does not work (I have not tried it), then first add it to Outlook Express, and then simply transfer it to MS Outlook via File> Import> Messages

When you make sure everything went fine, all files and folders created in 1-5 can be deleted.

How to transfer all mail from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook

In Thunderbird, I never found the ability to export all / selected messages, and saving hundreds or thousands of messages one at a time is not reasonable. Therefore, I used the first program I found - IMAPSize (there is a distribution kit that does not require installation) - which was able to convert Thunderbird mailboxes into eml files. It was created not for this, but it has such a function.

1. Start IMAPSize and refuse the offer to create an account.

Click "No"

2. Tools> mbox2eml

3. Click the "Select mbox files to convert" button, in the Files of type select All files (*. *), Since Thunderbird files do not have extensions

4. Navigate to the directory with the Thunderbird files for the account you need.
Most likely in C: \ Documents and Settings \ YOUR_COMPUTERN Y_ACNAUNT \ Application Data \ Thunderbird \ Profile s \ t0bh91f5.default \ Mail \ m

5. Hold down Ctrl, or one by one, select the files— "boxes" without extensions that you will be transferring (Inbox, Sent, ...)
6. In the "Select destination folder" select the directory in which to temporarily save the eml files. Be sure to add \ (backslash) at the end!

This tool will automatically create separate directories for each selected mailbox, and will save the messages in the EML in them.
For example, if you specify C: \ Temp \ Eml \, and select Inbox and Sent, then after conversion you will have C: \ Temp \ Eml \ Inbox and C: \ Temp \ Eml \ Sent with EML files.

How to transfer EML files to Import in Outlook Express and MS Outlook see in the previous section.

How to transfer all mail from The Bat, Outlook Express, MS Outlook or Thunderbird to GMail!

Very simple - Google specifically made the Google Email Uploader for this purpose (by the way, it is open source ). This program understands mail only from MS Outlook 2002+, Outlook Express 6.0+ and Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 and higher. For The Bat and others, see the sections above for how to transfer mail to one of these clients. Important "but" - for further transfer to Gmail from The Bat, transfer mail via Outlook, not Thunderbird. For some reason, the Google Email Uploader was never able to recognize emails in Thunderbird after being transferred from The Bat, although Thunderbird itself worked great with them. At the same time, emails that were received or sent by the Thunderbird Google Email Uploader perfectly saw and uploaded to GMail.

1. Log in. This can be any GMail account, regular or Goggle Hosted as my case.

2. Select folders. Use Add __ mailbox only if you have separately saved folders, or they are where the Uploader was not looking for them.

3. The first check mark will create labels for letters from different mailboxes (since there are no folders / boxes in Gmail).

The second after downloading will send everything to the archive immediately.

4. The process has started, you should not believe these minutes.

5. Errors were two letters in which GMail considered that there are viruses. Checked in other antivirals - did not complain. Clicking on "Click here to see errors" opens a text file with the report: "Reason: Permanent failure: Insert failed: attachment contains viruses."

That's all!

Go to your Google mail and see all your correspondence there. There was a truth and a small unpleasant surprise - Google gathered all the messages into its stupid "chains", and in some places it was wrong. As far as I understand, for chain tracking, they are based on the names of the letters and "Re:" in the answer. I once sent out mailings, and all the letters reacted to the newsletter Google gathered in one thread, although this was communication with different people. But this is nonsense, the main thing is now there, and you can always return to it.