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The possibilities of billing, or "I" lost. Finding people by cell phone.


In this article, I'll talk about the possibilities of billing today.
As usual, everyone starts whining that this is their first article, "I did not write this before, this is the first one", do not judge strictly, etc. This we are missing +).
I'll just say that I spodviglo to write. Same as the robbery of my friend, he had his pipe with the correct phone numbers.
Nnu azhzhzh, I'll start.


we all had to lose pipes, or people =), and we all were terribly upset. Who on the expensive tube, and who by phone numbers of beautiful girls in the notebook . And we had a terrible desire to find. I once watched the series "network", and there as it was once shown a chip, as a hacker followed the phone number. And I was curious, is it possible such ???? It turned out maybe ... How is this done?
And so:
at our calls, all our negotiations are fixed in the database of our mobile operator, with the subsequent processing of this information, ie this is tariffication, etc. You can ask what you can learn from this database, I will answer you.
at our call the following data are fixed:
# number (number **) is the number of the tower or antenna on which our call was received
# azimuth (north-east, south) -there is this direction from where our call is received
# removal (13m) - this is our distance from the tower measured in meters
# range (1800,1500) is our range, on which we work not far from our tower.
# phone number (1234567) is our phone number
# have (9876543210) - the serial number of the phone
# Brand (Nokia, Samsung) -model phone
# time (8.00) is the time of our call.
# Next comes a bunch of information we do not need.

Although many admins disable some functions to systematically unload their servers (they do not always have enough CPU and big RAM)

So, what can we learn from this information? How, having any tsiferki, direction, find out where a person is with an accuracy of 2 meters ?? you ask, I'll answer. In principle, to determine the dislocation of an object, we need only the first three parameters. This is the tower number, azimuth, and deletion. To determine the object itself, the last ones are needed. How is it? There must be with the mind, that is, we find a map of the city, find out the locations and numbers of all the antennas or towers, note this all to the map.
Then (further everything is punishable by law and local authorities, by articles of illegal use of the cellular company's servers, violation of privacy, etc.), as usual, I do not call for action, but give information for review.). We find the site of our cellular company, and pray that the site is hosted in one domain space associated with the servers and the kamutator of our operator. Found. We hack and get access to the database. Next, we take the data and put it on the map. let's say we need to know where our dear friend is now. We know her phone, we do not need anything else. We call her. Next, we climb into the database, from millions of calls through the amazing language of SQL we find our girlfriend. We first narrow the search circle by time. Look for our friend's number. Let's say it looks like this: "union select time 17:30:45 namber 1234567 print result" we are given a string with the time and the desired phone number and serial number when it was recorded. Remember this serial number, and already look for it, looking at the full information, this is the number of the tower, the azimuth removal, the range (for example, N13, Southeast, 13m, 1500). So we learned, we stamped to our map, we search for a tower with number 13, in the southeast on the map we draw a line equal to 13 meters on the terrain , at the end of the line is our victim, the right of private life which we have already violated. Diapaz n indicates the ground or under it is people, it is 1500 then girlfriend was at the entrance to the subway and went somewhere. Although here was an example on the SQL database, the operator is free to choose and can use any other database at his discretion.

After a long search and wandering on the Internet, I found only one Ukrainian operator who provided free of charge opportunity to his subscribers to know where they are located =). It was the operator Life (for some reason I associate with the word kicks)), and then only after setting up the phone. I do not know who will be able to work (this feature does not include all admins). But it's given like this.
(all settings were made on the phone Siemens)
go to the phone: (Messages) => (settings) => (information service) => (Enable reception in the index item) => enter a new channel with index 100 and save.
Further phone bout to show for example such code: KH0004-2. Where KH- is Kharkov region, 0004- Kharkov (Levada), 2 - 1800 range, therefore you are not far from the station in Kharkov and work on the 1800 range near Levada station.
It's a pity that the possibility of positioning is possible only for operators Life =). All codes and descriptions for them, as well as the settings can be found at the following addresses:
in the topic position Life.


This article was an example of finding a person by phone number, in the tweezers you can find the same on the name. The bases are protected by both admins and securitic services, so if you get illegal access to one of these bases, do not think that this is for you get away with it. In general, it was not the approach to finding itself that was described, but the vulnerability of our society. Where we all shout, that democracy, freedom, amicably chanting cries of joy. And in fact it's just an illusion of freedom fiction. I'm not exactly sure, but this technology of people search only in the modified version is used by almost all services. Huh, and where is this freedom ??? That's right ... In the city on the letter G. All the best.