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Windows XP, installation from a flash drive, install windows with a flash disk How to break a flash drive (Hitachi Microdrive)

Windows XP, installation from a flash drive, install windows with a flash disk

Minimum requirements:
-distributive windows xp
-F flash drive if more than 2gb, split according to the method below Method with microdrive

0. You need to have pryamye_ruki.dll send PX from the forum

1. Recover any distribution with Windows XP

2. In the folder "USB_PREP8" run usb_prep8.cmd. Press any key. In the appeared window "PeToUSB" press "Start", nothing me (just select your flash drive / SD-card from the drop-down list). After formatting the flash drive (SD card), close only the "PeToUSB" window. Do not touch the USB_PREP8 window. The item can be skipped, simply formatted in a fat flash drive without the program.

3. Start the command line (Start - Run - CMD - OK), in it go to the folder where "Bootsect.exe" is located (for example, cd C: \ usb_prep8 \ bootsect).
After you have left the directory of the program "Bootsect", write in the command line
bootsect.exe / nt52 X:
where X: - the letter of the flash drive / SD card. Note: during this operation all windows / programs displaying / working with a USB flash drive (SD card) must be disabled. If everything went well, the window will display the text Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes. Press any key.

4. Return to the window with "USB_PREP8", there should appear the items marked with numbers, there is nothing complicated in this, here's what you need to do:
press 1, then Enter to select a directory with Windows installation files; it must be a drive in the drive, or an mounted disk image (if there is no necessary files in the selected directory, then the corresponding inscription will appear, repeat the point again);
Press 2 and Enter and specify one letter of the Latin alphabet that does not correspond to any media on your computer (for example, W);
press 3 and Enter and write the drive letter of your USB flash drive (SD-card);
press 4 and Enter, this will launch the process of creating a bootable USB flash drive;

In the window you will be asked about formatting the flash drive, press Y and Enter. After formatting, press Enter, after which the files will be copied to the temporary storage medium, the letter of which you specified in step II of step 4. When the files are copied, press Enter, a window will appear asking if you want to copy files to the USB flash drive, press yes. At the end there will be a window about the boot flash drive. Click Yes. Then there will be an inscription in the window "USB_PREP8" unmount the virtual drive .: enter Y and Enter.

How to install WINDOWS from this flash drive.
We insert our bootable USB flash drive (SD-card).
In BIOS, you need to specify as our boot drive our flash drive. When you boot from it, the menu appears, select the second line of TXT windows install ..., the usual installation of Windows begins, with which there should be no problems.
After the installer copies the files and reboots, select the first line in the GUI mode ... boot menu, you will be taken to the normal Windows graphical installer, wait until it finishes.
After installing Windows again, go through the same item in the boot menu, this will complete the installation of Windows. Important: Do not remove the USB flash drive (SD card) until you complete the Windows installation.

boot_flash.rar [504 Kb]

How to break a flash drive (Hitachi Microdrive)

Flash drive can be broken, I broke from under =)
Like it is possible and under Windows if to deliver fire wood Hitachi Microdrive
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Hitachi Microdrive

Like and under Windows should plow. (do not forget to put the disk as active )

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