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A simple tool to make windows licensed is also to get the ability to download updates from the off site. Windows Genuine Advantage Validation (WGA) (XP + Vista) MGA v6.0

Windows Genuine Advantage Validation (WGA)

This program flushes Windows and then you can download any updates from the official site, that is, it makes your Windows license.

Patch some Windows files, thereby "turning" your pirated copy into a "licensed" copy. Soft from Microsoft, which requires the validation of OS (WGA), will henceforth be installed as a licensed copy of WIndows.

Microsoft Genuine Advantage - Crack Installer (07/09/2009)

  • Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) v1.9.40.0
  • Office Genuine Advantage (OGA) v2.0.48.0
  • Get all of your Microsoft Windows and Office Updates (Critical, Important as well as Recommended)

    Tried and Tested, 100% Working on Windows Update, Office Update, Microsoft Update and Microsoft Download Center.

    Installation Instructions:
    IMPORTANT: Close ALL Internet Explorer windows before use.
    # Run the crack self-installer file and follow instructions.
    # Once installed, it will show you the success message.
    # System reboots automatically to complete installation.
    # Start downloading Office updates, templates and add-ons.
    # Start downloading All Windows Operating System updates.

    Microsoft Genuine Advantage - Crack Installer (22/02/2010) (~ 3.2 Mb)
    Microsoft Genuine Advantage - Crack Installer

    MGA v6.0 (3.87 MB)
    MGA v6.0

    Update: The WPA kill tool 2.1.5 has been used to patch the winlogon.exe file. Actually, I had an "exacerbation" of Windows protection, and not an "inflammation" of validation when updating from the Microsoft website.

    The Activator works ONLY with USER versions of Windows. which, by the way, the activator himself reports at start-up - in the screenshot in the previous post it is clearly visible for which software the activator is intended: WinXP-Win7 (including x64) + MSOffice and some additional Windows programs (WMP for example).

    About the activation of Windows Server. A single-valued solution has not been found so far. Someone is rolling a BIOS patch with an OEM key installation. Someone (a decent majority) does not.

    While the really working option is activation using KMS servers / keys every six months (every 180 days). There are assemblies of virtual machines with activation servers, which allow you to do this in a localhost. The main thing is good google.