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Lots of tips for windows doc mp3 sytem etc.

This section provides the most interesting tips for working with Windows without using the operating system registry. If you know any original advice about Windows, I will be grateful for any useful information, the names of the authors who sent the best tips for working with a computer will be published on the site. Let's discover all the secrets of Windows.

Computers in the modern world are becoming an integral part of our life, both at home and at work. More and more time we spend precisely behind them, watch movies, listen to music, read books, and in the end we work! What to do when the computer crashes? Well, firstly, the main thing is not to panic, life can proceed without a computer, unless, of course, this is the office computer you are working on. Secondly, as they say, everything that is broken can be repaired, everything that works can be broken.

There are several options:

    * You can try to figure out the problem yourself;
    * Contact a service center where they will fix the problem;
    * call a friend "hacker" who for a bottle of beer also solves the problem;

And so let's figure out which of the options we have proposed is optimal. Suppose that the option to deal with the breakdown yourself may not seem very tempting to you, but we still recommend this option, because even if you can’t fix the problem, at least you it will be possible to describe it in detail.

We will not dwell on two other points in this article, these are the simplest options, and in either case the problem will be solved, but you will have to pay the Nth amount of money, and the breakdown can be quite minor. Now we will try to consider the problems associated with the computer and how to resolve them.