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Making anti-OMON v.1.0

If you are one of those who dream of FSB officers at night, at the sight of a policeman you start to encrypt hard or you just want your hard drive to be available to you without too much gimor, this article is like once for you.
Imagine such a situation, you are sitting in front of the telecom, you are watching Santa Barbara, and then the bell rings. You also open the door. Several ambals come into the apartment, posing as FSB officers =) They ask you to turn on the computer. You turn it on. Having climbed two minutes for your hard drive, they also find your favorite Sub7 from Obmani Neighbor, also Voidozer, and also walk the stolen dail ups.
Then they break your hand into your detention facility as well. What do you think? But everything could exist as a friend.
Of course, the most reliable way are crypto algorithms. But for reliability, you need to pay with gimor also various kinds of inconveniences. In this article we will tell you about a simple homemade protective device for your company from the encroachments of unauthorized people.
Okay, let's start.
First of all, you have to keep all the data compromising you in one directory (I am considering just such a case). It is possible to have an unlimited number of subdirectories in it. Next, copy your autoexec.bat to the autoexec.bak file (also to the root of the C drive). Now open autoexec.bat with a notepad and add a line to the end:
load PCI Steering (PCI \ IRQHOLDER \ 05)
Do not be scared, it is so wonderful, so that everyone thinks that it is purely systemic. Next, see if there is a line in your autoexec'e:
set PATH = list_folders
Instead of the "list_folder" there should be a folder with your Windows registered also two more. If this common is not observed, add the line:
set PATH =% windir% \ command
Everything, we prepared for introduction of the mechanism. Now create in the "c: \ windows \ command \" directory the file load.bat. Its essence should exist as follows:
@echo off
echo --- By windows setup ---
@choice / c: za / N / T: a, 5
@if errorlevel 2 goto its_ok
@deltree / y directory_s_progami_which_need_delete
@deltree / y% windir% \ Tempor1 \ *. *> dead
@deltree / y% windir% \ Tempor1 \ dead
@deltree / y% windir% \ History \ *. *> dead
@deltree / y% windir% \ History \ dead
@deltree / y% windir% \ Cookies \ *. txt> dead
@deltree / y% windir% \ Cookies \ dead
@deltree / y% windir% \ TEMP \ *. *> dead
@deltree / y% windir% \ TEMP \ dead
@deltree /yc:\autoexec.bat
@ren c: \ autoexec.bak autoexec.bat
@deltree / y% windir% \ command \ load.bat
: its_ok
Everything. Now overload the computer and enjoy.
The trick is that when booting the computer, as soon as you see on the screen the inscription "--- By windows setup ---" you will have to press the "z" button. If you don’t click on it for five seconds, the directory with your programs will be erased and folders with fleeting Internet files (such as logs) will also be cleaned. What do you think? =) Ie, you alone know how to avoid this destroy. In addition, the very essence of the fact that the destruction itself will begin to break through completely unnoticed and upon completion of this, this mechanism will self-destruct. Ie, no one also knows that there was something common on your computer (edited by autoexec.bat is also replaced with the old one).
If you crush at each boot click on Z, you can do so, on the contrary, when you press the button, the Destroy happens. Ie you will be 5 seconds to click on the button "A" (namely, A, but not Z) to destroy compromising evidence. To do this, replace the fourth line with "@choice / c: za / N / T: z, 5
If for you 5 seconds is not enough / much, then just edit the third line of the script (replace number 5 with a more suitable one).
PS this article is one big glitch. I don’t even know why we wrote it =) Vryatli is useful to someone.

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