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Antivirus software

When working with a computer, as well as when working with any other device, it is necessary to comply with certain safety provisions. We will not suggest mature people about the elementary rules of behavior with electricity. We will talk about other dangers that every computer owner knows about. The word will be about computer viruses, but more precisely about the software to combat them.

Modern antivirus programs are powerful complexes that include several modules. Therefore, choosing a program, you should pay attention to the composition of its modules.

The comfort of work with antivirus is another important feature to which attention should be paid. The undoubted advantage is allowed to name the Russian-language commands as the names of menu items. The small size of the program file is only one of its merits. It is much more important to turn the concern of the anti-virus to the resources of the computer. After all, the module "watchman" is constantly in the computer's memory, thereby eating the share of resources. It is important that the presence of the caretaker was not felt in any way by the user during everyday work. So how do you need an antivirus, which reduces the speed of work of other programs a couple of times?

The ability to try out a product in labor is very important when choosing software. Since it is possible that on some computer, also the operating system, the program will behave in unexpected ways.

Another important factor is the speed of the antivirus developer’s reaction to the emergence of new viruses, but as a result, timely updating of the antivirus databases.

Kaspersky Lab

Developer: Kaspersky Lab
Developer website:
Annual license fee: $ 69 (for the Personal Pro version)
Distribution Size: 14.1 MB

One of the market leaders in anti-virus software, last year introduced a new version of its product, Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal 5.0. As acknowledged by the developers themselves, one of the first drawbacks of previous versions of this antivirus was the low speed of work. The new version of the program demonstrates high speed of labor with reduced resource consumption.

When checking disks, the antivirus creates a database with information about already checked files, also later, if the attributes of these files were not changed at all, they are not checked at all, however, the program scans only new files. Previously checked files will be rescanned only upon user request. It is this innovation that also increased the speed of the program.

One of the important features of the program is an intuitive interface. All means of labor with the program are conveniently divided into three blocks, which are placed on three tabs of the program window, these are "Protection", "Settings" and "Support". Access to management tools is implemented using the context menu of the program icon located in the system tray. From here it is allowed to enable or disable the computer’s full protection, to launch a disk check.

One of the first advantages of Kaspersky Anti-Virus is also the users, also the developers themselves call the ability to check archives, even if they are attached. It should be noted that this possibility is approximately unique - only one of the programs we have reviewed has such capabilities.

The latest version of the program can check the contents of archives ZIP, ARJ, RAR, CAB. When checking password-protected archives, the program requests this password from the user. The program supports automatic updates of virus databases. All suspicious files (that is, to eat those for which the program could not determine exactly whether it is infected or not) are placed in a special section "Quarantine", the program records objects created during anti-virus scanning to the backup storage.

Running the program is allowed to protect the password. It seems that the program does an excellent job with monitoring mail traffic, controlling all mail that is also being sent.

The appearance of updates to the anti-virus databases of Kaspersky Anti-Virus is one of the more rapid, sometimes it is allowed to download them every few hours. All this, along with a high level of virus detection, has one of the best programs in its category.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus manufacturers supply their product to users in three types of configuration. The Lite version does not provide for automatic updating of virus databases, it does not have an email checker module, macros checker program as well. The Personal version does not check macros at all. The Personal Pro version includes all modules.

Plus: the ability to check the archives, the ability to protect the program with a password, adapted interface.

Disadvantages: there is a certain slowness in work when using Kaspersky Anti-Virus; requires additional "fine" settings that are difficult for an inexperienced user to handle.

Ukrainian national antivirus

Developer: Ukrainian National Antivirus Center
Annual license cost: $ 22
Size distribution: 7.32 MB

Ukrainian national antivirus is new to the antivirus software market, the product has existed for just over 4 years. The program has a simple and intuitive multilingual interface. The package includes a UNA scanner, a resident display and a scheduler. The window of the main module of the program, the scanner, consists of four tabs. Separate tabs exist to customize the launch parameters of the program and view reports. In a special tab of the UNA window is placed the process manager.

Convenient solutions of the program include the ability to save settings and then load them. It is convenient to have a scheduler that allows you to create a schedule for anti-virus scanning. Resident module, UNA-monitor allows you to monitor the viral activity of applications being run

The disadvantages of the program are allowed to include the lack of modules designed to monitor network traffic and also detect spyware software, but in general the program has shown itself to be very positive during testing. Other advantages of UNA are the small size occupied by the program in RAM, high speed of work.

Plus: the program is one of the best test results when viruses are detected; small storage capacity

Disadvantages: some complexity in configuration, lack of a module for monitoring network traffic.

Norton Antivirus

Developer: Symantec
Annual license cost: $ 50
Size of distribution: 27.4 MB

Norton Antivirus - a product of well-known Symantec Corporation can not be called an antivirus only. The Norton Antivirus Professional package, which includes the "gentleman's" set of modules (scanner, guard, auditor, mail work program, scheduler) has some unique capabilities compared to other programs. For example, the Instant Messanging Scanner can scan for viruses transmitted via Internet pagers (Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger). True, it does not support the browsing of the Internet pager ICQ.

The program successfully competes with Trojan horses and worm viruses, the speed of distribution of which sometimes surpasses the speed of updating virus databases.

Another important advantage of Norton Antivirus is its ability to heal files in archives, including also those that are locked with passwords. At the same time, the program can disarm the infected files even without asking for the password to the archives. The anti-virus database update is conveniently implemented, which is carried out almost without user intervention: the program itself communicates with the Symantec server, also in the presence of new databases, it also downloads them to the program bases.

The complete set of Norton Antivirus Professional advises the user on a whole system of additional components, among them is the ability to create backup boot floppies that will be allowed to use if serious errors occur in the system’s work.

Only Norton Antivirus from the first days was able to withstand the harmful viruses "I love you" and also "Anna Kournikova". The disadvantages of the program allowed to include the English-language interface is also an impressive number of settings that can turn the advantages of the program into flaws, especially for uninformed users.

Another useful feature of Norton Antivirus is the ability to detect spyware spyware modules as well as adware. This, along with a convenient interface, broad functionality and low consumption of system resources, operates a program one of the best in its category.

Plus: the program includes a full set of anti-virus modules; the presence of a module to create a backup disk; the ability to determine spyware; ability to check archive files.

Disadvantages: lack of a localized interface.