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We collect information about installed codecs in the system

Modern multimedia technologies today have gone so far that it is very difficult to understand the existing software solutions in this district. Therefore, even an individual who is sufficiently erudite in the IT field, when faced with problems when playing any movie masterpiece on a computer, asks himself the unsophisticated task of obtaining detailed information about installed audio and video codecs in the operating system, including information about drivers, libraries, software modules as well as their versions? Clearly, without an objection to this question, it's hard to move on in search of a malfunction.

However, meanwhile, the problem is completely solvable. How? with the help of the gratuitous utility Sherlock - The Codec Detective is allowed easily (the size of the application is limited to eighty kilobytes) is also simple (just one exe-file without installation) to solve it.

Sherlock provides the user with full information about the installed software codecs in the system (version, related drivers, libraries, etc.), their developers are also copyrighted. In addition, the received list is allowed to be saved to a text file, or sent to print for further analysis is also labor. No doubt, a handy utility. We take note.