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Cookie control

Many of our readers know that numerous websites remember their visitors by writing cookies. Recall, for example, how often when entering online forums do you meet the option "Log in automatically"? So, this mechanism functions with the help of the above-mentioned technology. Settings, pointers to unread messages, hit counters - all this is also stored in cookies. Over time, quite a lot of cookies are being made on the computer of cookies. There is also the task of cleaning, selective deletion, the solution of which we will also deal with in this article.

Unfortunately, the most common Microsoft Internet Explorer browser doesn’t provide any opportunities for manipulating cookies (they can only be deleted at once, thus losing all the necessary settings). Therefore, in order to put things in order, we consider a special program called IECookiesView. With its size of 55 Kbytes, the utility does not require installation, and also has a fairly intuitive interface. Using the column "Web sites", "Domain" or "Accessed Date" allowed to search cookies by various criteria. The bottom window of the program displays the contents of the selected file.

Thus, using IECookiesView, it is allowed to quickly find also delete unused cookies long ago, just the same, for example, corrupted files of some forum or websites that you no longer visit.

By the way, in the interface of the program to eat a small flaw (or is it a “feature” such?): In order to remove the cookie, you need not just select it with a cursor, just put a check on it. This is how it is. Until the meeting on the pages of "Computerra Online"!