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Free hosting services: pros and cons

There is a more unsophisticated, but the essence is completely gratuitous means to acquire both a domain name, as well as a room under the site. Naturally, not without some "buts".

Recently, Internet portals have become widespread, providing anyone with the opportunity to register also to place their site on the Internet. At the same time, the user acquires a third-level domain name at his disposal, the name of which also contains the name of the portal itself.

The most widespread service working on this principle was the site On it it was allowed to register for free a personal website whose name would look like this:

It must be said that such services usually operate with many limitations. The most common limitation is the amount of disk space provided for the site. In some cases, instead of the size of the disk space itself, they limit the maximum file size that is allowed to be placed on the site. This prohibits the creation on the basis of such gratuitous services of various file archives, which can host unlicensed programs or music.

Other significant limitations of such services are often the lack of database support, but it’s similar to the various scripts used to write forums, chats, etc., the impossibility of creating an impressive number of personal mailboxes, but the main thing is that the “gratuitous” name is often cumbersome, inconvenient to remember as well " ugly. "

It must be said that services with support for connecting to the same database as well as even basic scripts have recently begun to appear. But for now, this is more the exception than the situation.

Eating such services is also one plus. Some of them offer templates for creating sites, but it looks like ready-made additional tools (for example, guest books), which, of course, is very proudly also useful for beginners, who are still not able to make their own website on their own or to pay professionals for the work.

Among the most common portals that provide premises for personal sites, it is worth noting,,,, The last couple support connecting to the database as well as executing basic scripts