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Upload files to your mobile phone via WAP

Quite often you have to deal with the problem of uploading a file to the phone's memory. And it is good, at what time at hand to eat a suitable USB-cord, with the help of which it is allowed to hastily plus, essence, gratuitously "pour" all the necessary data into the bowels of a mobile friend. But what should I do if there is not such an accessory, but the time for finding other options is just too short?

That's it in such cases it is allowed to copy files from your computer to your mobile phone "by air" using the online service

It is extremely gratifying to realize that among the creators of this Internet tool there is a Russian representative, but it is also IT specialist Vyacheslav Bogdanov (Vyacheslav Bogdanov) from Krasnoyarsk.

The scheme of the service is simple. The file that we want to forward to your phone temporarily fits into the WAP-hosting service for its further downloading via the mobile phone's WAP-browser.

For this we do the following steps:

1. Click "Browse" also specify the file to copy to the phone. Naturally, the format of the uploaded data must be supported by the mobile device.

2. Choose a mobile operator. Beeline, MTS and Megafon are on the list. The main thing is to find them among many other operators.

3. Double-enter the ten-digit phone number.

4. Drive in the verification code and press the "Send" button.

Everything, now within five minutes on the cellular telephone should come SMS-message, containing WAP-link to our file. In the event that there are no responses from the service, the data can be downloaded manually by going through the WAP-browser of the phone to the website and also specifying the numerical ID of the file that we received after completing the 4th step.

For aesthetes who prefer to use "live" programs in the old manner, but not online, the company-developer advises to use the Send to Phone application, which allows to automate the work with the service up to one mouse click. The utility is free of charge, as is also the service of