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How to automatically reduce the priority of voracious programs?

While working simultaneously with numerous applications, one often encounters one unpleasant feature, at which time some resource-intensive programs also strive to take away a tasty morsel of processor pores in the operating system, thereby paralyzing the performance of other processes.

Of course, it is allowed to use the Windows Task Manager to also lower the priority of the “voracious” process. It would seem that everything is trivial, but sometimes getting down to the saving dispatcher is by no means so easy, especially in the conditions at which time the processor gave the soul also to some Stakhanov program. In such a situation, after the long and painful waiting for the “revitalization” of the Task Manager window, the hand itself involuntarily reaches for the Reset button ...

So how is it possible to automate the task of forcibly lowering the priority of "greedy" programs, without waiting for manual intervention? The objection is simple, as all ingenious - to use the utility Process Tamer.

Tamer of processes "is intended for installation in Windows 2000 / XP also occupies 1.4 MB in the distribution kit. The program does not ask for any capital, but anyone can sponsor the development of this project.

When loading Process Tamer scrupulously minimized to the system tray, it also vigilantly watches behind each running process. In the event that any application goes beyond what is permitted, the utility automatically changes its priority to it or acts according to the established rules. The latter, to the site, are allowed to be configured for any program on the computer.

The Process Tamer parameters allow you to specify the critical facets of using the processor as well as the time interval after which the Tamer will begin to calm down or “chop off” the raging process.

It is also possible to attribute support for the Drag-and-drop function (which greatly simplifies the setup of the utility), the ability to autoload and also keep a log file with a detailed report on the program’s work, but similar to the mechanism of balloon tips (Balloon tips). In general, install, customize also use.