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We use the camera mobile phone as a detector of the course

Today we will find another application for a modern cell phone with an integrated camera. For example, let's learn how to use it as a mobile security device using Skymetric J2ME application.

We immediately emphasize the sad fact that the program is paid - the developer requests $ 14 for it, but the available trial version is even reduced in its functionality, which even doesn’t allow the unsophisticated mortal to look at least in the "Settings" menu. Therefore, we will build our presentation on the basis of public information on the Skymetric website as well as impressions of using the available version of the Java MIDlet.

For some reason, the creators of MotionCam limited themselves to the phones of a couple of companies - Nokia and Sony Ericsson. The rest, apparently, out of their sight. It's a pity. Recall that the size of the application is also small is only 20 KB.

Before the main launch of the program, we recommend that you allow it to access the camera of the phone at once without any restrictions (otherwise, without stopping, a pop-up window of the dialogue about the application’s encroachment on the hardware resources of the mobile phone simply tortures you). Something we somehow did not digress from the main features of the program considered today. So, what is blah blah so engaged in MotionCam, that it is so boldly allowed to use for security purposes?

At the very lesson, everything is simple: a running Java midlet through the built-in camera of a mobile phone vigilantly tracks all movements in the territory entrusted to it (more precisely, the district that caters to the lens). if someone, in what place, somehow manages to slip past, then MotionCam will compile a complete photo-image of this suspicious walking object. In other words, any move will be recorded in the phone’s memory as individual photos.

Unfortunately, as we have already said, you can’t get into the settings menu without registration, so it’s impossible to know what this program can do besides saving images. And overall, it would be great to add such a miniature security software package with the ability to notify by SMS or, better, by sending an MMS message with an attached photo in the set.

Well, but in conclusion, let's fantasize a little, also try to find a practical use for such a bundle "Mobile + MotionCam".

Motorists, for example, the iron crumb which spends the night under the windows, can “aim” the phone at the parking area of ​​the car, but in the morning check on the pics, who offended the native “swallow” (God forbid, of course). Any employee of the office, as if by chance leaving their cell phone, can spy a little (of course, with a certain skill) for their colleagues. For example, for a pretty secretary.

These are the ones allowed to create classes using MotionCam. What is there to hide the sin, the minuses of the proposed solutions - a lot, but the pros, you should agree, still eat.