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We use the camera phone as a scanner

Our regular readers, probably, have already managed to notice how often in our notes of the “Prodigi” column we began to turn to specialized network services oriented to interact with mobile devices via the Internet, SMS, MMS or e-mail.

This interest is once explained by several factors. First, such online services greatly expand the standard phone capabilities. Secondly, the interfaces of these services are highly adapted for mobile phones, which also simplifies the work and interaction with them. And, in the end, such innovative developments, like the provision, are free of charge. This is the third reason. Therefore, there is nothing surprising that today we will again look at the Internet service scanR , which provides graphic data recognition services, converting them to PDF-format and sending them further by e-mail or as a facsimile message.

For full-fledged work with scanR, you need a phone with at least a megapixel camera (the higher the resolution, the better), the connected Internet access service (GPRS, EDGE, etc.) and the ability to send images via e-mail. Here is also the whole uncomplicated toolkit, the cost of which, at present, is by no means so high.

The algorithm for interacting with the scanR service is as follows.

1. With the help of a camera phone, we take a photo of a handwritten text or an act, trying to use the entire visible frame of the frame, also achieving maximum picture quality.
2. We send a freshly baked photo via MMS or e-mail to the scanR server to trim the image, only more precisely, to one of the following addresses: - for printed documents or - for handwriting text taken from a tablet or the so-called snow-white boards (whiteboard). In the header or body of the message we indicate the coordinates of the addressee (fax number or e-mail address).
3. Check mail or fax. As a position, an objection to e-mail resorts within a minute, only waiting for a fax message will take no more than five minutes. However, the result is worth it.

If they use the service for the first time, then scanR will preliminarily ask to activate the e-mail address or fax number indicated in the sent message, thereby blocking the possibility of unauthorized sending users unnecessary information or spam.

By the way, the lucky owners of the Palm Treo 700w can take advantage of special software running Windows Mobile 5.0. with the help of it, it is allowed to correct only the captured image and also eliminate defects, only then simply specify the postal address to which the generated PDF document will be sent. The cost of the application is $ 20, while a trial version of the program is available for testing, the time of operation of which is limited to thirty days.

And the last. With all the convenience of the scanR service, there is no need to save on the simplest rules of information security, especially individual corporate security. Although the policy of scanR developers in this schedule is clearly stated on the website of the service, it is better to shift the work with confidential documents onto one's own shoulders. So it will be calmer.