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Online translator for mobile phone

Support for 12 languages, about 30 translation directions, not only individual words, but also sentences - do you think it is possible to fit all this in a small Java midlet, only 24 KB in size? It turns out, of course.

The secret of “preparing” such a polyglot program is ridiculously simple — it’s enough to transfer the text translation process to a specialized Internet server, thereby also achieving maximum efficiency with a small midlet size. It is under this scheme that the Translator + cellular translator , also known as MsPolyglot, also Jamba, works! Translator.

It is allowed to download the application to your phone when the computer is repaired (using a suitable USB cable, infrared port or Bluetooth) or via the WAP site I think that for regular readers of our mobile heading "RTFM", this procedure does not cause much difficulty. Take a look at how pretty madame meets us when loading the midlet. Apparently, this is the same Ms. Polyglot, who acts as a virtual translator in our office ...

Through the use of GPRS-server connections, MsPolyglot knows Russian, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and also Chinese. He is able to translate texts in one of the 30 available directions, in addition to everything, is free of charge.

We summarize. The developers from SHAPE Services, who abandoned the idea of ​​storing dictionaries in the phone’s memory, managed to create a truly useful application that can be used not only by beginner polyglots, but also by true connoisseurs of foreign languages. We use, test, admire.