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Satellite weather in a mobile phone

We continue to explore the Internet in search of curious, but the essence, gratuitous mobile phone applications with support for modern Java technology. Today on the agenda is the Satellite midlet , which allows you to monitor the weather from a meteorological satellite.

The program was invented under the strict guidance of Professor Mario Zagar, who also teaches computer science at the University of Zagreb at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. An important, to the point, fact that ensures that the creation of the application was approached with the knowledge of the lesson as well.

Download (13 kb) and install the Satellite is allowed via the links provided on the developer’s web page or directly via the WAP site with the long address We'll have to sweat a little in order to enter such a link into the phone's browser.

Almost the whole of Europe will open up to the gaze of the user who installed this cellular weapon. The program takes all the images from the server of the European organization Eumetsat, which is involved in the operation of weather satellites. Shooting is done every half hour, but if you want you can download a series of shots in the last four hours, also view them on the phone display. Thus, it is allowed to see the course of the cyclone in dynamics, to visually assess the weather situation and also to forecast it for several days ahead.

Such is the meteocenter in your pocket. A useful thing, it’s a pity that the whole territory of Russia doesn’t look at her.