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Mobile webcam

After all, the great thing is a mobile phone with an integrated camera that also supports Java! Having added the presence of GPRS-access to the Internet here, we are acquiring a common fabulous image also a huge expanse for the imagination and the implementation of various software solutions. Not technology, but the illusion of the poet! Apparently, having been fed up with discoveries, the Englishman David Kaspar (David Kaspar) decided to present the fruit of his imagination, having laid out the development of Mowecam (14 KB), which stands for Mobile Web Camera, for everyone to see.

As befits any webcam, Mowecam captures images from the cell phone camera at certain intervals, and saves them to the program's creator server. Finding photos on the Internet is not difficult at all, just type in the address[uynical key], where in the key is the email address specified in the application settings ( See screenshots below).

Since Mowecam uses the GPRS camera as well, we recommend that this application, at the same time, allow this application to work with these key (for the program, of course) components. In a different way, there will be no “kin”, since the tricky questions about the pattern of midlet access to the resources of a mobile device will make their nasty corrections.

Okay, we figured out the access rights, go to the settings. Among the available: server address, which stores images (while only one is available - the author, but in the near future, David Caspar is obliged to open the source code of the PHP script for its redeployment to any suitable web hosting service), it’s time to trigger the camera, e-mail size of future images. Recall that it is time to time out, you need to select an experimental route depending on the "weight" of photos and the quality of the domestic GPRS-connection. It is possible that a situation may arise, at what time the program will not succeed in any way to send pictures to the server.

In conclusion, we present the screenshots of Mowecam in a "military", working condition. Immediately we ask for an apology for the ridiculous photo image as a sample, since the available phone emulator does not allow manipulating the virtual camera.

Practical application of such a mobile web complex, I believe, our readers will find without much difficulty. We can only say that the project is continuously deployed in the future as well, the possibility of detecting movements of the objects being shot is expected, via SMS or e-mail, however many other useful things seem to be true. In general, we go more often to the site of the developer also do not forget about "Computerra Online".