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Manage WebMoney wallet from your phone

It is no secret that the WebMoney Transfer system is still one of the very convenient tools for making electrical payments online. Plus, at least recently, the Internet has been replenished with new online services for manipulating virtual cash, the popularity of WebMoney hasn’t been particularly affected by this. But we in this article will not sing the praises of this system in any way, just turn your attention to the inquisitive Telepat service for managing WM-purses using a phone.

To work with Telepath, you must first register for free with this service. This can be done using the GSM Keeper Java midlet, or by calling a special phone (it is allowed to find it on the company's website), through the interactive voice menu of the system. I'd add that my full registration took no more than five minutes.

Voice interface

Everything is simple here. We dial from any phone (most importantly, so that it has the possibility of touch-tone dialing) the number we used during registration. Then everything is like clockwork.

using an e-woman on the other end of the wire, it is allowed to receive information about the balance of WebMoney-purses, transfer funds or, against, transfer them from a prepaid WM-card, pay bills, only the services of cellular operators seem to be. Conveniently, quickly, simply. Not even a computer is needed.

GPRS interface

Here, without a mobile phone, there is no way to cope, since it will take great power at once a pair of modern technologies - Java and GPRS. We download from the site of developers in the memory of our phone the appropriate version of the J2ME-application GSM Keeper. In order not to mock yourself with unnecessary gestures, it is allowed to use the device's WAP-browser also via the link

Having installed the midlet and having entered the necessary identification data, we purchase cellular online access to our virtual wallets (see screenshot).

SMS interface

Text messaging is another tool with Telepat service. This variation even requires the required version of the GSM Keeper program, but frees the user from attachment to the GPRS data transfer channel. All communication between the customer here is also provided by the server by sending SMS messages containing key commands.

Here is how one of the examples of a financial transaction using GSM Keeper looks like (picture taken from the developer’s site):

And, summing up the line under today's article, there is little about security. What does the Telepath advise us? Well, firstly, according to the company, before sending it to the server, everything is encrypted. Secondly, a unique master code is used to activate the account in the system, only for access it is necessary to enter your PIN code once each day. And, thirdly, it is additionally allowed to install an additional system call to the phone number to confirm the execution of operations.