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How to display the system time near the mouse cursor

In modern computer technology, the phenomenon of modding has never lost its relevance. Here we are also today, succumbing to the temptation, we advise everyone to upgrade the mouse pointer, equipping it with a miniature clock.

To bring such extreme mouse modding to life, more precisely in Windows, a small program Mouse Clock 1.2 from Dmitry Kologreev will help. The utility is truly tiny (only one file of 8.5 kb in size) also does not require installation. After launching, the Mouse Clock is minimized to an icon in the system panel, equipping the cursor with such a clock:

Cool? If you get bored, you can disable them in three different ways: by clicking once on the program icon in the panel, pressing the hot key combination (they are set in the utility settings) or simply closing the application.

By the way, about the settings. Despite the size of the executable file Mouse Clock, these are, of course, even in what quantities! Take a look at the list of available options:

User’s services: enabling the program autorun (a check mark here creates a corresponding entry in the registry branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run), setting hotkeys, setting transparency (only in Windows 2000 / XP is also higher), plus Election of another pair of utility labor modes, indicating at what time to “glue” the clock to the cursor.

Today two words about the hunger program. The truth is that he resorts during food: 2.5 MB with a tail!

Then the program feels like eating three hundred times more freely than on the disk. Well, of course, the hell with it, with memory, especially, this indicator has become secondary for a long time ago for modern software.

Plus, finally, let's fantasize about the usefulness of such a mouse clock: who also why will install them on your computer. The first thing that resorts to the head is that users who are addicted to punctuality also like to add various things to the interface of the operating system. Probably, only they will like Mouse Clock 1.2. Well, however, another thought is connected with using this program in some gaming applications (say, in the Minesweeper) to control the current time /