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Normalize the volume of MP3 files

It happens that in the musical assortment there are sound files of different loudness, spoiling the general image from listening. This defect is treated by the normalization route, then it is used to automatically adjust the volume of all tracks down to one level.
Of all the variety of available tools, we will dwell on a fairly convenient, only essence, royalty-free editor MP3Gain. MP3Gain allows you to smooth the volume of a separately taken file, as well as a whole group of files. To do this, click Add File (s) or Add Folder to add audio files and click Track Analysis to parse and also compose a general image of the sound level in each composition. Next, set the desired volume level in decibels, press Track Gain, and the utility will do its creative work, making the necessary changes to the characteristics of our music files.
Here, in general, also all the necessary instructions. However, the curious can dig in the settings of the program, set its priority in the system, enable the saving of log files, if you want to activate the function of deleting information tags, only it is similar to alter the appearance of the application. Dare.