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Windows: traces

It’s not so easy to save the full incognito of your travels on the global network. No matter how cleaned up the log also temporary files, anyway, if you want, it is allowed to determine where the computer user looked.

You can remove traces of your Internet surfing with the help of a special gratis utility Free History Eraser. The program erases all the information on which it is allowed to determine in which place also at what time the user has been on the Internet.

After launching the application, traces of being online will be displayed in its window. Clicking the Erase button makes it easy to destroy them. The program allows you to delete log files, cookies, temporary Internet files, clean the index.dat file, but you can also clear the list of recently opened documents in the trash.

Free History Eraser. Using the "AutoErase is ON / OFF" switch, it is allowed to set automatic removal of network "garbage" Using the "AutoErase is ON / OFF" switch, it is allowed to set automatic removal of network "garbage". Files will be deleted after disconnecting from the Internet or after the last browser window closes.

Another program - CCleaner - will not only remove the files that are the result of Internet surfing, but also clean your operating system from the huge number of passing files that accumulate in the process. An impressive number of such files sometimes leads to a slower system labor, but with the help of CCleaner you will get rid of these problems. CCleaner also erases the cache and the chronicle of page views in Internet Explorer, cookies, cleans index.dat, recycle bin, TEMP files and logs, temporary client software files: Media Player, eMule, Kazaa, Google Toolbar, Netscape, Office XP, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip. And besides that, no less proudly, the program allows you to clean the registry from debris left by already deleted applications. After starting the program, three tabs will be displayed in its window. Each of them is designed for cleaning fleeting files of a certain type.

On the Windows tab, you can delete files left over from Internet surfing, but the lists of recently viewed files or running programs are similar. The other two tabs are designed for cleaning fleeting files of installed applications (the "Applications" tab), for checking the registry also icons in the main menu also on the desktop. On each tab, you need to mark the sections that should be deleted, after which click "Run Cleaner". In the program window, the procession of labor will also be displayed a list of deleted files.

In the "Service" window it is allowed to specify the uninstallation of applications. In addition, Ccleaner can uninstall applications. For this is the section "Service". In the window that appears, you must select an already unnecessary program, and also click the "Uninstall" button.