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Spell Checking: Practically Always Also Everywhere

Today we will work with programs that check the spelling of the input text in various applications. During testing, we will try to turn our attention to the most important points and also evaluate the utilities with the most critical look. So, let's begin.

Spell Checking with The Bat!

Email customer The Bat! contains standard tools to check the spelling of the message. To do this, use the first menu item "Spelling", which is made available in the message creation mode. Spell checking tools are standard: using special menu items it is allowed to check already finished text, or set automatic spell checking.

If the language module, The Bat!, Was installed immediately with the program will be able to check spelling not only of the English text, but also of other languages, including Russian as well as Ukrainian. Before starting a spellcheck, you must select a language.

A similar program allows you to add dictionaries in TLX format. To do this, use the "Dictionaries" item from the "Spelling" menu; in addition, external dictionaries in DIC format are available. Additional labor features with dictionaries include exporting and importing a dictionary into a text act as well.

Spellcheck in Outlook Express

It is allowed to set spell-check parameters by selecting "Tools -> Options", on the "Spelling" tab it is allowed to set a dialect and also edit the dictionary. But the check is even easier - you need to select "Service -> Spelling", or use the "F7" key or the "Spelling" button on the toolbar. At the time of verification, Outlook Express will allow you to select an error-free variation and also replace it with an error expression.

Spell check in any program

To check the correctness of the text that is typed on the keyboard, you must install a special application, for example Spell Checker. This program, being resident, monitors the typed text, also checks its correctness, or examines the contents of the clipboard - data and other parameters are set in the settings. The work of Spell Checker is to display the wrong words in the indicated area of ​​the screen, for example, next to the mouse cursor.

In the program settings it is allowed to set the location of the error message as well as the time that it will appear on the screen. To do this, use the tab "Visualization (input)". In addition, the appearance of a word with an error is allowed to be escorted by a sound signal. On the tab "Dictionaries" it is allowed to mark the dictionaries used for verification.

Access to the program settings is possible in the help of the icon located in the system tray. Basic settings are available in the "Options" section.