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Description of emoticons:

Description of emoticons:

Smile happy The main smile.

;-) A smile with a wink.

Smile: Gloomy physiognomy.

: -I indifferent physiognomy.

: -> Sarcastic physiognomy.

>: -> Sarcastic physiognomy with a devilish shade.

>; -> That blah blah plus wink

Mouth changes:

: - [ Vampire.

: -E fanged vampire.

: -F He bla bla c broken off fang.

: -7 Curved smile.

: - * Sullen.

: - @ Screaming.

: - # Wearing brackets

: - & Deprived of the word gift; confused; co-lingual

: -Q Smoking.

: -? Smoking pipe.

:-P vysovyvayuschey speaking.

: -S non-consecutive, unconnected.

:-D out loudly neighing.

: -X Mouth locked.

: -C Loafer.

: - / Skeptic.

: -o ooh ooh

: -9 Licking lips.

: -0 Don't yell at all! It looks like a talker.

: -` Spitting (tobacco).

: -1 Normal.

: -! Normal.

: - $ Mouth fastened with wire?

: -% Banker.

: -q Trying to reach the tongue up to the nose.

: -a Also the most, but from a different side.

: -e Frustrated.

: -t Angry, annoyed.

: -i Half smile.

: -] Blockhead.

: - [A non-smiling fool.

: -} Lips or a grin (beard?)

: - { Ussati.

: -j Left smile.

: -d Left smile is a mockery of the reader.

: -k It kills me.

: - \ Unresolved.

: - | Smile on duty.

: - < Sad.

: -x Mouth locked.

: -c Lazy.

: -v Talking head?

: -b sticking chatter.

Nose changes:

: *) Drunk.

:) With a broken nose.

: v) Same, but on the other side.

: _) But slipped from his / her face.

: <) From an Ivy League school.

: =) A pair of nose.

: o) Clown.

: u) Funny looking but c (left).

: n) Funny looking but c (right).

Eye changes:

% -) Very long groped at the "monitor".

8-) Nocturnal sunglasses.

B-) wearing glasses (could be horn-rims).

O-) Cyclops or wearing a diving mask.

..-) One-eyed.

, -) Winking one-eyed.

g-) Penicatural (monocle?)

Changes in more than one symbol:

| -I Sleeping.

| -O Yawning.

% -6 Brains are afflicted.

| o Snoring?

:, ( Crying, but without a night.

8- | Alarmed.

Add characters:

: Smile happy Wearing glasses (four-eyed).

B Smile happy Points raised on the head.

eight Smile happy Little girl.

Smile happy -8 Adult girl.

: - {) Dead.

: - #) Cutty whiskers.

{ Smile happy Wearing a wig.

} Smile happy Wig on end.

Smile happy Fooling around

Smile happy Frozen.

: '-) Crying from luck.

= Smile happy Smooth.

- Smile happy Punk.

+ - Smile happy Pope of Rome.

` Smile happy Head shaved from one side.

, Smile happy That blah blah from another side.

O Smile happy Angel.

C = Smile happy Chef

* < Smile happy In the cap of Santa Clause.

E- Smile happy Ham radio operator.

eight Smile happy Witch.

@ Smile happy Wearing turban.

[ Smile happy In headphones.

Smile happy ) Double chin.

> Smile happy Devil.

( Smile happy Awesome smile.

+ Smile happy A priest.

Smile happy X a nightcall-bow


:) Standard.

:] Cheerful.

: @ Screaming.

: D Rusting.

: I Thinking.

:( Regretful.

: [ Loafer.

: O Speaking out loud.

: Q Smoking.

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