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Three lines of protection from spam

Everything began on the verge of centuries in 2000, at which time the CssMagic cascading style sheets editor was written. In the mailbox of the support of this program, which by the way we showed all guestbooks in all forums without any bothers, the number of promotional letters of sources exceeds the number of useful messages. The box was blown out here, but the support address in the body of the program is changed. And also here just now, for curiosity, we looked that blah blah with him (with an old box) going on. Well, no doubt, as you might guess, it is hammered down to denial. Purified him also measured the capacity of receipts: in the region of hundreds of letters per day. Absolutely all messages are spam. Well, it is even interesting - will it be possible to conquer this universal evil?

We will also categorically set the following goal: it is also openly unclosed to inform this killed address in several forums also to adjust the work with the box in such a way that in no way to get spam in any way, but useful messages from strangers all blah blah somehow get, but messages acquaintances to buy in any way. Judging by the neglect of the situation, a deep defense is required. There are three points in which place it is allowed to destroy spam. This is a mail program, anti-spam software is also a mail server. Let's consider it (defense) in more detail.

The main back-up line. SpamPal is very good at checking the mail on the DNSBL-servers lists (quite good are filtered out especially malicious, but at that it's time not so smart clever spammers are those who can not hide their IP either beautifully or the nation is simply stupid sending spam from the "scorched" domain). The program inserts the specified keyword into the subject of the message. Default is ** SPAM **. Let it remain so. Then the postal customer is forced to deal with this message.
The second backward line. We take the most powerful program in the universe for labor with mail. In my case it's TheBat !, but the taste is also a paint - you know, so there are options. For TheBat! the following manipulations were performed.
In the properties of the mailbox we will configure the work through SpamPal, for which we specify the name of the POP server localhost, but we will add the real POP server to the username through the dog, for example: (this is the standard setting of SpamPal).

In order for spam messages to be automatically deleted without uploading, configure the "Box -> Mail Sorter Configuration -> Selective Download" option. Here we create a rule that, if there is a signal line ** SPAM ** in the "Subject" field, it will remove the message from the server.

It is clear that with this setting, letters that are mistaken for spam may well be caught. In order to visually fix this event, we enable the dispatcher of letters: "Mailbox Properties -> Mail Management - Mail Manager - Automatically Call At Each Check". Today TheBat! will illustrate that it also came that he was going to delete without downloading from the server (here to eat the opportunity to make adjustments to his actions).
We try to work the first pair of lines: for three days 245 letters were received in the box (of which 238 advertisements, the rest are from other boxes). The resulting bundle identified also removed 195 letters. The original target is completely not reached, although there are some results all blah blah is. Moving on. Now it is necessary to solve two problems: automatically to finish the remnants of a spam also the most essence, to exclude removal in any way spam.
The third boundary is the most powerful. Here, filtering on the server side resorts to help. We do so. In all forums, too, etc. we leave our address as For strength it is allowed to explain to members of the forum in PS that the expression NOSPAM should exist in the subject of the message necessarily. Next, configure the filters. On the sample
Filter 1. All possible logins (or their fragments) of important senders from your address book are listed. Acts - send a copy of the message somewhere. In my case, this is SMS on a cell phone. When the filter operates, you can not continue to apply other filters. Filter 2. If the topic contains the phrase "NOSPAM", then simply do not continue to apply other filters.
Filter 3. If in the "Recipient" field you can eat @ (that is, none of the first pair of filters ever worked), then send a copy of the message to the specialized (garbage) address without deleting the message itself. Continue to apply other filters. In principle, this filter is not really needed. Just for every adventure we will save all the automatically destroyed correspondence in a special mailbox.
Filter 4. And finally, if in the field "Recipient" to eat @ (continue disassembly with the alleged spam), then delete the message also automatically reply: "Your message was destroyed by the anti-spam system." If you want the message to reach the recipient's login @, then repeat your message, and include in his topic in any comfortable room key phrase NOSPAM. "

Configuring filters on the

So. The robot-spammer is plotting. Almost always the reverse address is linden. The topic is unlikely to become the phrase "NOSPAM" is also very unlikely that the spammer's login will match the logins of my "white" list. As a result, a lime return address will receive a message with a request to re-send the message. The spammer will have to contact you manually. Extremely unlikely.
The case is different. Scribes a friend or forumchanin. The white list will work on the server and the list of letters will appear in the TheBat! Dispatcher. The final decision - whether to accept or not the message data remains for the user, but SpamPal is also TheBat! will do everything possible, so that the necessary notes on downloading or deleting letters already stood.
If all blah blah some ingenious robot has learned to break through the guard it's enough to replace the expression "NOSPAM" with any other one, too, protection is again at your service.
Of course, all this is allowed to be done only by means of the mailer, but it is possible to eliminate 100 spam emails even without downloading it for 3-8 minutes, plus viewing the messages is the same. So on the server side, all the dirty work is more convenient.
That, strictly speaking, is also all. During the week of labor with the described settings, we received only one instruction to study the next course of the English language, and the marks on its removal were in the dispatcher of letters even up to the download. Not bad. That I also want to all.