How to convert a text file to MP3?

Dynamical and rapid development of IT-technologies sometimes makes a new look at seemingly ordinary things, for example, reading books. Little bit of that, to enjoy masterpieces of world literature and domestic classics today is allowed not only from the computer display, but also from the phone screen, so now a new trend of modern thought has arisen, or rather, hearing - audiobooks. M-yes, it would not be easy for Alexander Sergeevich and Arina Rodionovna to come to our harsh years, at what time magnetic media clearly prevail over paper ones - what fairy tales there may exist ...

Okay, let's drop superfluous memories and go to the main thing - to the task of converting text data into an audio format, which we will bravely resolve using TextSound 2.0 from ByteCool Software.

TextSound supports a significant number of different audio formats, in which it is possible to record the contents of any textual act. Pay attention that in order to support the native language, you will also need to download the module for the synthesis of the Russian word L & H TTS3000 Russian (we have already done this operation in the material about the speaking "ICQ").

The settings of the synthesizer of the word are not so much in any way, but they are enough to make our virtual word more or less distinct also our non-selective musical ear.

Another bonus from TextSound programmers is command-line support. This opportunity will very much please fans to automate everything as well, by writing the necessary CMD-files.

What do we have with the cost of TextSound? Developers of ByteCool Software sell their software for $ 30, while allowing anyone who wants to test the utility of the utility during fifty transformations from one format to another.