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How to replace one also that blah blah piece of text in many documents

When working with text documents, sometimes it is necessary to replace one also that blabla block of text in many documents. For example, the company has changed the address or phone number, or type of ownership or the name of the director. It is quite possible to call such a situation emergency, because the number of documents in which it is necessary to correct the changed data is simply enormous. To solve this problem is allowed to use the utility Handy File and Replace. The program Handy File and Replace is a kind of "find also replace" command, but it works not in the scale of a single file, but in the scale of files of one folder or even a disk.

The program can quickly acquire also change a fragment of text documents of the most popular formats, among them - doc, txt, html, xml, php also even program listings in the most popular programming languages.

Handy File and Replace - search tool also replace texts in any way not only in text documents. With its help, it is allowed to replace the means of displaying a fragment of text in web documents without in any way opening their code. For example, it is allowed to make the text bold or change its color by setting the appropriate tags.

In the program window on the tab "Files and text" indicate the main parameters of the labor program. Among them is the folder in which you need to search for files, which text to find also which one to change. By default, the case of letters is not taken into account when searching in documents, but this setting can be replaced by ticking the "Case sensitive search" switch.

The files in which the search should also be carried out and the replacement of text is selected by a given mask, in which it is allowed to specify not only the type but also the file name. Additionally, it is allowed to search the subdirectories of the folder being viewed.

As a result of the work, the Handy File and Replace program will search for the phrase in the specified folder and will also replace it according to the specified parameters. The annals of changes will be presented in the utility window. By default, for all files in which the program has made changes, a backup copy will be created containing the previous version of the file. Before replacing text, it is allowed to specify only a search for a fragment in the specified folder. To do this, select the "Search only" switch.

The program can search for files that have been created, modified, or simply opened at a certain time. The tab "Date" is used to set these parameters.

Additional search parameters are allowed to set on the "Properties" tab. This is a file size limit — it is also allowed to perform a search in files with the specified size, or in those that are larger or smaller than a specified number of kilobytes. In the security settings, it is allowed to set the program's actions with respect to files marked as "Read only".

The program can keep statistics by recording all changes in the html-file. Handy File and Replace can replace not only the text, but also special characters, such as a tab, a new line character, a slash.