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How to create a WAP site

In the age of digital technology and mobile speeds, the desire to arm your own WAP-page on the Internet is justified.

Indeed, whatever one may say, only a small island in the sea of ​​network information is simply necessary. For organizations, a corporate WAP site is a kind of business card of the company as well as a means of attracting the right customers. Well, only for ordinary users of the chosen way to loudly declare themselves mobile universe, probably can not be found.

So, with the statement of the problem we have decided, it remains to find the appropriate tools to also find an easy solution. Since knowledge in the district of programming in the language of WML (Wireless Markup Language), we do not shine, we will have to look for something suitable, preferably a simpler visual one. For example, a free DotWAP 2.0 (700 KBytes) editor from an office called Inetis, located in sunny Slovenia.

The program allows you not to think about the intricacies of WML programming, giving the user even a small but sufficient capacity of the necessary tools. Manipulating the text parameters, inserting images, links and other elements, setting the encoding of pages and converting pictures to the WBMP format near the WAP-protocol - there are not all the features of this editor in the distance.

All intermediate edits (including the final revision of the document) are allowed to track other errors with the built-in WAP emulator for errors. A small flaw in this is the impossibility of changing the size of the virtual screen.

It is noteworthy that the developers have "sharpened" DotWAP 2.0 for their own free of charge free of charge service, which provides WAP-hosting also other useful services. However, it is allowed to refuse, at that time, all manipulations with uploading files to the web server will have to be done manually.

In general, as our brief communication with DotWAP 2.0 showed, this editor together with the affordable hosting of is even quite good for creating the first mobile pages, as well as mastering the basics of the hard profession of WML-layout maker.