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Hacking archives, selecting passwords, programs

The most popular archivers in Windows environments are arj, rar and zip, with the last two being the most used. What are the reasons for using archivers? In general, the main two. The first is a desire to reduce the amount of data that we are going to store or send over the network for a long time. Many more use archivers to store encrypted data. What would I say, to hide from other people's eyes valuable information. Immediately there are two problems. First, the data is encrypted with a password, and the password can be forgotten. That often happens. And even being the creator of the archive, you still can not open it without a password. The second, the person who created the encrypted archive, almost always believes in the steadfastness of the system, otherwise it would not create it. So find out how reliable the system is.

In archives like rar and winrar a very strong encryption algorithm is used, so only one of the methods listed above can be applied to them.

Advanced RAR Password Recovery (ARPR) . You can download the demo version or buy the full version here . What can the prog? Everything is within reason. The program has a beautiful design, supports the English and Russian interface. All compression methods available in RAR are supported, including self-extracting archives (SFX). It is possible to specify your own set of characters for brute-force passwords (the Russian character set is also supported), it is possible to sort through the passwords in the dictionary, and you can also specify a mask for busting. The process of searching for a password can be stopped at any second, and then continue from the same place even after you exit the program. What are the disadvantages? Minus in general, one, the program paid, but if you dig into the internet, you can find it for free.

cRARk 2.3 is one of the most powerful and fast crackers of rar-passwords (for archives of versions no lower than 2.0) from Pavel Semyamanov. The program works fine both under DOS 'and under Win32. Supports solid-archives, SFX-archives, long file names, built-in Password Cracking Library (PCL) with multilingual dictionaries and cracking functions of a partially-known password. The program is well documented (in Russian) and is equipped with an "exemplary" password-protected archive with a ready-made hacked configuration. In the latest versions of cRARk support for "stored" files (-m0) was added, 2-speed optimization was performed on the P-Pro / P-II processors (auto-detection of the processor type was provided). In addition, the cRARc executable under Linux (ELF) appeared. You can download the program here .

RAR Password Cracker is a console utility for retrieving lost passwords from RAR 2.x archives. Selects all possible combinations of characters and / or by using passwords from the list. Can keep the current state of work, which increases the reliability and ease of use, as well as with skillful configuration allows you to parallelize the process of busting. Can write probable passwords to the file. Works under OS / 2. The program is available here .

RARBreak II is another password cracker for RAR archives (no lower than version 2.0) by Alexander A. Bouroff. Works under DOS4GW. To crack the password with RARBreak, you will need to find a non-zipped file identical to one of the files contained in the password-protected archive. There is a Russian documentation and a test case

RARCrack 1.02b - Rar-archive password cracker - Relatively new program for hacking passwords in RAR archives by Vlad Vasyagin. It requires a standard unpacker UnRar.exe. There are a couple of command-line options (though not all of them work so far). Included with the utility comes a test password-protected archive, several character dictionaries and dock in Russian.

RAR Password Search 1.02 - not yet obsolete German program for cracking passwords in RAR-archives by DRK-Soft, for which you need a standard unpacker UnRar.exe. In addition to sorting through the symbols specified in the configuration, it makes it possible to select a password by dictionary (although in reality everything happens the other way around - first, the matches are checked in the dictionary, and then the search is over). You can stop hacking at any second (by pressing ESC) and save the current state of the search by answering the question with the letter "J" (in the sense of "Ja" - the program is something out of the darks). And when you want, you can run the program again with the "restore middle" parameter. Complete with the utility comes a ready-made configuration file, a small dictionary and documentation in German.

From the above, it's obvious that it's not easy to pick a password to the rar archive, and if a person tries, inventing a password, the task can be very difficult.

Advanced ZIP Password Recovery (AZPR) is a program for recovering forgotten passwords to archives created by ZIP and WinZIP archivers. The program allows you to select passwords to archives by direct brute force, or dictionary attack. AZPR has built the world's fastest brute force module, optimized for Pentium III and Pentium IV processors. The program has English and Russian interface, supports archives containing any number of files. Supports all compression methods available in ZIP. In all the rest nothing is different from a similar program for rar.

FZC (Fast Zip Password Cracker) is quite a new, evolving "crack" of Zip passwords by Fernando Papa Budzyn. There is version 1.05 under DOS with a couple of bugs, released more than a year ago, fresh not tested, but it seems like a bug-fix DOS-version 1.05b, plus not so long ago there was a half-converted Windows-version of the cracker - FZC 1.06. The speed of work, in general, pretty good (about 38000 passwords per second on P166MMX). It provides: password search by simple search, dictionary attack, recovery of a partially known password; function of testing performance, the ability to work with broken, truncated, multi-volume archives. The ability to divide the hacking process into "parts", performing it on several computers. Several hacking modes optimized for different CPU / Cache / MB sets. Ability to stop / resume the hacking process at any time. In general, a lot of options! The program and sources can be downloaded from the site .

FCrackZip is quite a new, freely developed console password cracker for Zip archives (and, more recently, password-protected PPM images), originally written for Linux. According to the author, Marc Lehmann, is a very cool program in its class, which in general is confirmed by tests (about 400,000 passwords per second (4000 if one file) on P166-MMX). Many useful options are provided, supported by hacking several archives simultaneously. Unfortunately, the last version of this program available on the site under DOS has an earlier version than under xNIX, namely 0.0.4. This version is not so smart, so we're waiting. Starting from version 0.2, the program allows you to recognize the password of PPM-images by brute force. By the way, as far as I know, this is still the only program that allows to "break" the encrypted images of Pegasus-format.

PKZCheck (PKZIP Password Checker) - a small zip-password checker by Mercury Soft Technology Ltd. Why not a burglar? Yes, because this utility only allows you to check whether any password from the text file-dictionary, into which you can write prospective passwords, is suitable for the archive under test. If one of the words is suitable, then the program reports the appropriate password, and if not, it does not report accordingly.

UZPC (Ultra Zip Password Cracker) is a classy compact Zip password cracker from Ivan Golubev with a graphical interface and an excellent optimized for modern CPU speeds (busting about 1500000 passwords per minute on a K-6-300 MHz system when working with an archive containing more three files). Search for a password using a simple search (with the possibility of limiting the number and set of characters), dictionary attack (with the choice of the test password modification method), mixed attack (dictionary plus bust). The possibility of unpacking all password-protected archive files if you have one of the files from this archive (known plaintext attack) on your disk. Ability to stop / resume the hacking process at any time (there are also auto save options). Support for multiple languages ​​in the program interface, adjust the priority of work, minimize the System Tray icon.

VZPRP (Vizual Zip Password Recovery Processor) - a good GUI-ZAP-password cracking by ForthTech Software. Has a good busting speed, which reaches 1200000 passwords per second on PII 366. The program features are:
- Support for finding passwords in SFX archives (EXE), in archive headers (that is, the entire archive is not needed - you can cut most of it in a hacked copy so that no one guesses ...);
- Ability to work in the background, adjusting the priority and minimizing the program window in the tray;
- the ability to check passwords manually;
- the possibility of simultaneous hacking on several computers;
- heuristic analysis, which reduces the time of searching for a password in 50-70% of files;
- Ability to stop searching and continue searching (even after exiting the program) from the last "position";
- A good graphical interface, the functions of viewing statistics, speed, etc .;
- the user can specify the length of the password, a set of characters (including non-English characters), etc .;
- Almost the same high speed of busting with any number of files in the archive (for the most part of the burglars, the speed when working with archives containing less than three files is drastically reduced);
- a variety of attack methods (simple search, dictionary, pattern, spelling error, password recovery if you have one of the files on the disk);

The program includes: detailed HTML-documentation, a test password-protected archive, a dictionary of 450,000 English words, ready-made character sets.

In the latest version, the speed of a simple browse is increased by 10%, it is possible to set a higher processor priority to the program, the user interface has been improved, and bugs have been fixed.

Advanced ARJ Password Recovery allows you to access the password-protected archive without a password. In her work she uses two different methods, which allows you to get quite good results. Of course, the speed of Advanced ARJ Password Recovery could be more, but still this program is by far the best utility for selecting passwords for arj archives.

And lastly, I will talk about Advanced Archive Password Recovery (ARCHPR) . It is a program for recovering forgotten passwords to ZIP (PKZIP, WinZIP), ARJ / WinARJ, RAR / WinRAR and ACE / WinACE archives. The program combines all the features of Advanced ZIP Password Recovery, Advanced ARJ Password Recovery, Advanced ACE Password Recovery and Advanced RAR Password Recovery. In addition to these features in ARCHPR, it is possible to restore the contents of WinZIP archives if they contain more than five files. Prog has the same characteristics as all prog developed by ElcomSoft Co.

What are the conclusions? Modern archives have high cryptographic stability, but this does not give 100% guarantees if you use weak passwords. Use long, non-common passwords. And most importantly, do not forget them, otherwise nobody will help you. Suppose that your password consists of 5 characters and each character can be an English uppercase or lowercase letter, or a digit. Then each symbol can be any of 64. Hence, the number of all possible combinations is 64 to the power of 5, that is 1073741824. The program FCrackZip has a speed of 400000 passwords per second. Hence, all the passwords from our example can be sorted with its help in about 45 minutes. And if the password consists of 6 characters, then all combinations can be sorted out in 47 hours. It's frightening to even think how long it will take to try a password of 15 characters. And if at the same time to increase the number of possible values, for example, to 255, it is generally difficult to imagine a figure that expresses the number of years needed for busting. Choose passwords as long as possible and as logical as possible. And do not forget them!

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