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FAQ on the hijacking of ICQ, IPDBrute / ICQ Relay Server. Infa. Files.


Part 1.

Hijacking Icq

1. Brutus

2. Primary

3.Sots Engineering


Hijacking with the help of Brutus is very simple, almost anyone can steal a 6 *

For a couple of hours. For this we need Brutus himself, it's IPDbrute2 lite and IPDbrute2 Pro, light is different from that in light there is no change of information and password change, but since often when changing the password, it is lost, I do not advise to set the option to change the password included and my You advice, it is better to take a light -)

Then you need any passer generator:

UIN; Pass Generator by Swifta

UIN_PASS_v1.8 ot Mxl


UIN-Pass list Creator v.1.5 RC4

There are also many other generators, but I think these are the best, then you take the list of numbers, since we have the task of hijacking any 6 digits, then just put any range (example: 200000 to 399999) and come up with any password (I advise not to put 12345, qwerty, etc.) Next, I will describe an example of working with a swifa generator

In the field "By Range" (on the left, from above) you need a range, below in the "Password" field (there is the word "password" written in your password and press "Generate" button under your range and save your pass sheet.

Next you need to get a proxy for Brutus.

1) You can take on different sites dedicated to proxy services

2) You can download the proxy checker and the proxy search program and get yourself a proxy

3) Buy proxies from sellers

The first option is good because you get a proxy for free, but often this will affect the speed of the password search (Example on a 48-kilobit connection, when public proksya I squeezed a maximum of 4 pps on Brutus).

The second option is better than the first one, but here you have to sweat, because the proxy will not climb for you, you will have time to scan also choose a good range where you can at least get something, but it's best to take ProxyChecker and check for yourself fresh proxies, but how and 1 option with the speed will not be so hot.

The third option will have a very good effect on the speed of Brutus, but then you have to fork out for some number of yo and often knowingly, so the speed will be better than the public proksya, but it will depend on the seller -)

So I advise you to buy a proxy from several people and identify where it is better to buy there.

Here you have done a pass sheet and found a proxy, now launching the brute, put in the field "-Source uin; pass list file:" the path to your pass, in the field "Dump incorrect passwords to this file:" we enter the path to the Bad List, that is file with incorrect passwords, in the field "-Dump correct passwords to this file:" we enter the path to the good sheet, the file with the selected passwords to the numbers.

In the field "-Proxies list file:" we enter the path to the file with the proxy. If you do not understand how to prescribe the way, then click on the button with "..."

In the field "Threads:" set the number of threads, for example, by default it is 100, the optimal number of threads for your connection you yourself can determine each time changing the number of threads and the number of proxy.

A tick near the "Cleanup every:" serves to ensure that after a certain period of time remove the bad proxy. Now we press on the Star and will appear:

Threads: 0, alive: 0

Passwords remains: 0, bad: 0, good: 0

Proxies: 0, good: 0, alive: 0

Speed: 0.00 PPS


Threads: 0, alive: 0 - Number of Threads

Passwords remains: 0, (number of numbers) bad: 0 (number of bad passwords), good: 0 (number of "good" passwords)

Proxies: 0 (total number of proxy), good: 0 (number of good proxies), alive: 0 (number of live proxies)

Speed: 0.00 PPS - Speed ​​of brute force per second


Now we wait when in the field:

Passwords emains: 0, bad: 0, good: 0 - after the word good appears 1, it means you already have one 6 * icq number in your hands.


1) Do not make too large a pass sheet, 1 500 000 will suffice in full

2) It's easier to steal a number with one password for a certain range than multiple passwords for one number

3) Do not put a large number of streams, 200-800 will suffice in full

If you have already extracted your first 6 *, then enter it into the search and if it is not located, it means that you have invisible hands, which means that the number is 100% safe, and also the invisibility check can be found in the program Uska 2004

4) And if the number was found by searching, then you need to know if there is a primari in it, it can be learned with the help of Botha

64464644 or go to the addresses

Or you can download the base of the primari, you can download the sites written above -)

On this I will finish the description of the production of the number with the help of Brutus.

All the programs you can find on the Internet or download from the sites written above -)

2) To steal numbers with the help of the mayor, you will need to learn the mayors from the number, you can find out this from point 4 of the section "Brutus". Once you have found the mayors from the desired number, then you need to check whether it is busy or not, of course. If you need one number, then it is easy to check the mayors from one number, and if hundreds or thousands of mayors are verified, this will be a very long time, but and then came to the aid of people who wrote "checkers" of the program, which checks whether the mayors are free or not. If public checkers, and there are private ones, those that the Author sells and to get it is necessary to lay out a count of y, but at the moment public checkers are already almost there.

Describe the work with the checker, I will not, here you have to podnapryach something that you have in mind -)

Not only with the help of the checker, you can take the number through the mayors, but also if you saw soap (primari), which is on a free domain and retrigues to mayors (see )

If the activation of the question goes to the soap, then forward the domain and send activation and the number will be yours, this method is only valid when the number is more than 15 ye or the number is the number of your phone (cell, house, etc.)

For activation questions can be found at

If you want to save when registering a domain, then you can apply to a carder, let it scandal you, it will be cheaper than you buy legally or even scam the domain yourself

Here so it is short about about stealing on primari so do not beat -)

3) Hijacking with Sots Engineering

There are many ways, you can not enumerate all of them, here the main thing is to strain your mind and come up with a thread such a kind of thing, from which the person you want to process is caught on the hook.

The easiest way to vparit enemy Troyan, I advise pinch. It is not easy to do this, as there are people who are not as trusting as I am at the message:

Check out my new flash drive

Download inet crack

The easiest way to fill in on some site is the Excel and Trojan, and call on that page of your enemy and if it uses the Internet Explorer browser and your private account, then the number is already exactly yours.


I opened my site, it is located at http: //

I found cool pictures on http: //

There are a lot of ways, so we turn on the brain and forward

!!! Peace !!!

IPDbrute 2 PRO SE

UIN / Password Generator by Swift

6-character base
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

Part 2.
ICQ Relay Server

!!! Peace !!!
ICQ Msg Logger

Storage of ICQ History

Open the public testing service for storing your (and maybe not your) ICQ history

Briefly what does:
you add a number in the admin panel
write in the client server
and your story is stored on the server, you can read it

now on the points:
we argue (the confiden on soap is not finished, so after the reg check right away on the link)
create the keys (Generate new key)
download the key (when you download again to the same file for some reason, then dozapisyvaetsya, so save under a different name, who knows how to fix - unsubscribe)
add uin (Manage uins -> add uin)
write in the client server
read the history (read history)

So to say the pros:
+ the whole story is crypted Blowfish key 256 bits, the key is crypted by an asynchronous RSA algorithm with a key length of 1024 bits (why and why - we go to Wikipedia)
in simple words: your correspondence can not be read by anyone other than you
+ save all messages (and offline), correctly processed rtf,
+ save passwords
+ it is convenient to read the story if you use asyu in different places (home, office, telephone, internet café)
+ both connects to one port (i.e., in the firewall you need to open for 515 ASI current)
+ and the like. )

What are you planning to add:
+ save date of status change
+ output history for a certain time
+ downloading history
+ saving transferred files
+ etc.