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We learn IP through ICQ

  • We go to the site that determines the IP of your computer
  • Learn IP in internet connection properties
  • Determine the IP of the computer using the Windows service ipconfig
  • Determine the IP of the computer using Windows route print
  • A bit about static and dynamic IP addresses
  • Determine the IP of the computer in Windows 95/98
  • Find the IP address in the local network
  • Anonymity of email

  • We learn IP through ICQ

    1. There are patches that allow you to display the IP address. Patch for icq 2001b build 3659 , Adds an icon in the user properties window that shows the IP.

    2. You can find out IP by looking at all the connections, using netstat.exe, a description of the example of Odigo

    3. On the site there is such a chip: UIN Locator, enter the number and get the IP, it is necessary only that the person was online.

    We learn IP through IRC
    / dns nick - get the IP of the user's machine by nickname;
    / ctcp nick clientinfo - find information about the nickname IRC client;
    / ctcp nick time- find out the time that is set on his machine;