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Hacking sites

Internet hacking is also a provider An excellent page for those who want to have a free internet . Texts, articles , programs , about the answers to questions are also in Russian. Page only on one topic how to hack it, ie the Internet , is it also allowed?

Hack The WEB On-Line There are a lot of crackers , hacker tools, programs for getting FREE internet , FAQ, articles, step by step guides , nykers , mail bombers , passwords to sex sites, serial numbers, etc. .Files : Soft ( hacker : password hackers, credit cards, ICQ hacking, attack and also protection on the web, texts, IRC, Wordlists ), crackers ( Serials , Keymakers , Crackers , Passwords ), viruses, texts (whole hack library on all topics), FAQ, chat , messages , articles , news , links . EN hacking About what a strong thing can be The best of . It contains everything you need for people like you guys.

The best page for a beginner hacker A lot of interesting articles are also killing the programs for every garbage .

Program Research Division educational site for Reverse Engineering ; Tools, Links, Articles, Forum, Library, Your questions, Search

Selection of hacker programs This page is devoted to the hacker and also to all those who want to break something or just to indulge You want your IP to be fake or the mail was secretly sent to you here. Also here to eat antinyuki and sun + anti .

Hackers crack utility utilities all for hacking Information and practical tricks that you will not know anywhere else. And protection

I kill You Lamer Nuke , HackICQ , Scanners , Bomber also etc .. Update once in 2-4 weeks

Holes also on line The art of hacking , full version programs, serial numbers, crack , utilities for hacking files also operating systems. Near 4GB online .

Hacker Club many hacker tools, programs , text .

ViRuS To become a hacker , how to hack a provider, viruses DOWNLOAD. Computer humor Links to hacker ftp , http , telnet , usanet and much more. The site is temporarily underconstruction .

Many hacker programs the server sometimes brakes, well, how lucky!

Terano Hack Tools A selection of links to the best Hack sites, docks for hacking, software, description, as well as the possibility of acquiring one of the more common + viruses (35 pieces) in its own assortment. But it's similar to the " Undocumented features of Windows 3.X for programmers , Description of Unix ." The ability to add advertisements to your hack site is also posting a banner ! Manifesto , all about Hackers . ICQ Killer's, Em @ il Bombs, #ack Toolz and many other

Wer wolf Security on the Internet ... a very informative resource

Serial numbers also cracks / serials

crack to the software !

Astalavista - search engine crackers

Webtown Cracks Cracks to the newly-made also old programs, if not found the crack it is allowed to order for free

Russian Crack Zone The order of 5000 crock to new programs. EN, EN

Zombi Serial numbers also crack to about 10,000 programs. "+": many programs; Cracks to several versions of one program , incl. to the old. "-": a little newer - the operability is lame

GCG - Appz Crackz quite a lot of quacks , serials are also keygen . Latest version . En

Core collection keymakers & serials. To everything ? Almost there ! ( Rus in EN :)

World Hack- site

industrial espionage , information security and much more EN

Vulnerabilities of various operating systems and their use of EN

Documentation, programs En

Various Errors in Windows NT Also ways to fight them EN

List of servers, where it is allowed to receive a gratuitous budget on a UNIX machine EN

Description of errors in various operating systems also their application EN

Some tricks are also server security analysis programs En

The Unofficial NT Hack FAQ what did you want to know about WIndows NT, but were afraid to ask EN

A collection of utilities for DOS, NT, Netware , UNIX En

l0pht crack distinguished utility password selection program for Windows NT EN

Anonymous e- mail , encryption and security information AT All in one vial:

  OOB nuke , IRC flooder , ICQ killer etc.EN

OS vulnerabilities, their use in peaceful (or in any way not very) purposes are also many other interesting things EN # 404

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Top world Warez- sites

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  • Short textbook of Roman Rafailov
  • HTML - the minimum set of elements D. Bosenko.
  • Creating your own web page on the Internet , Konstantin Ivanchenkov
  • Hypertext style styles guide
  • A brief description of the syntax HTML Ermolaeva A.
  • Short description HTML , MV Shokhirev (Mike Shock)
  • Specification of the HTML language. Russian translation by R. Usmanov. file for MSWin
  • Specification HTML 3.2 Russian translation by R. Usmanov.
  • HTML specification 3.2 . Officially abbreviated Russian translation. HTML file in zipped form (23Kb)
  • Same thing, online
  • HTML textbook , Vitaliy Pavlenko
  • Specification of HTML 4.0 , the translation of Julia Podaneva
  • Part of the HTML4.0 specification
  • A part of the HTML4.0 specification relating to lists.
  • The Basics of HTML 4.0 William Robert Stanek, PC Magazine Online, Published in PC Magazine on October 20, 1998.
  • HTML 4.0 Reference Guide
  • Introduction to HTML, Share 1 , Alexei Khristenko
  • Introduction to HTML, Share 2 , Alexei Khristenko
  • Introduction to HTML, Share 3 , Alexei Khristenko
  • A Practical Guide to HTML N. Chuvakhina file for MSWin .
  • Description of HTML on the Server of Information Technologies .
  • Description of HTML Yakov Kats
  • Learning HTML 3.2 for examples . file for MSWin .
  • QUICK GUIDE FOR HTML Translation of Stanislav Malyshev.
  • A quick guide to HTML 3.2 , Fedotov AM
  • An Introduction to the Hypower of HTML
  • Another description of HTML
  • HTML in 45 minutes
  • HTML. Basic course
  • List Tags
  • New technologies of information service on the Internet (HTML, CGI, etc.) Pavel Khramtsov.
  • Creating WWW pages is not an easy task . Alexander Nikolaev. Win encoding here file for MSWin
  • Tips from JS Design . (Frames, mailto, sound as well as video on the page, FormMail, Java-scripts also Java applets, web-design) file for MSWin
  • A few secrets to using HTML
  • All values ​​of form elements on the Web mastering server for those wishing to understand
  • Forms
  • Some examples of Dynamic HTML creation by Andria Novikov .
  • DYNAMIC HTML IN NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR , translated from English Soloviev G.V.
  • Browser for browser-independent HTML
  • Structural elements of the HTML act , .
  • WML - the markup of WAP applications
  • Introduction to ASP , Grigory Greene
  • Frequently Asking Questions about ASP

    CSS (Styles)

  • Cascading style sheets , Translation of the All-Russian Club of Webmasters
  • Cascading Styles
  • Style Sheets (Style Lists, Styles)
  • Style Sheet Reference
  • CSS Basics from Omen
  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheets , S.V. Shcherbakov
  • Description of cascading style sheets of another level, CSS2 , translation by Julia Podaneva
  • Cascading style sheets II Specification CSS2 , Kovaleva IV
  • Pseudo-elements are also pseudo-classes in the implementation of CSS2 , Domnikov Eugene
  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
  • WEB: CSS on the server Web mastering for those wishing to understand
  • Cascading style tables in examples , СomputerWeekly, 1998, № 1-10
  • CSS Basics , by Anton
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • History of CSS (Part I) , Mike Melnikov

    SSI (Server Side Include). Server-side inclusion directories

  • SSI in the examples
  • SSI: the lacquer is also useful , Stanislav Zharkov
  • SSI also with what it eats. Basic Directives
  • SSI - what, at what time, how? , Andrey Novikov , Andrey Yurchenko , Webclub .
  • Server Side Includes (SSI)
  • Use of SSI
  • Why do we need SSI?

  • You press the mouse button ... , Neil Randle, PC Magazine, October 22, 1996, p. 245 (HTTP - the basic protocol of the World Wide Web).
  • Active Server Pages file for MSWin
  • Layered pages , an article by Y. Sizikova in the magazine World of Internet
  • Revitalizing Web Pages William Robert Stanek, PC Magazine, September 9, 1997, p. 247 (LiveConnect, ActiveX).
  • What is Cookies also with what they eat Andrew Alikberov , CIT .
  • What is cookies? Also how to work with them: Andrey Alikberov , CIT .
  • Cookies, also with what they eat . Article I. Gordienko, Computerra , No. 21, 1997.
  • Using cookie properties on the Web mastering server for those who want to understand
  • Creating an Image Map
  • The HTML page of the server Activeserverpages file for MSWin
  • Some secrets from David A. Mzareulyan
  • FAQ of newsgroups .
  • Golden positions of bad HTML
  • 3-dimensional worlds in the WWW (3DML is also VRML)


  • Frames
  • TARGETING WINDOWS , Authorized translation by Anton Lobastov file for MSWin .
  • META: in return foreword . Anton Nosik. file for MSWin
  • Using metadata (HTTP-EQUIV, NAME, REL, REV, BASE) when creating HTML documents , A. Alikberov.
  • META-Tag Generator
  • Soldiers of the invisible front , article about META-tags
  • Tables in the examples , E. Stepchenko
  • Tables in Web documents .
  • Tables


  • CGI raid on the CITForum server
  • CGI - Universal Gateway Interface . Description of the Institute of Precise Mechanics. file for MSWin .
  • CGI specifications .
  • A manual on CGI programming from Lesha file for MSWin
  • Program CGI-script in the language of Si Zan Olifan, PC Magazine, March 4, 1997, p. 235.
  • Questions and answers on data security in the WWW
  • HTTP Server Response Codes
  • forum on labor with CGI
  • CGI also in what there can be a problem with scripts?
  • HTML is also CGI. The universal gateway interface is the key to interactive Web sites. , Alan Frank, Lan Magazine / Russian Edition, (November 1996, Volume 2, Number 7)
  • Description of CGI , Pavel Yu. Plechov
  • Environment variables CGI , Andrei Novikov
  • Laborer World Wide Web (Omnipresent Common Gateway Interface), Pavel Khramtsov's article in COMPUTERWORLD RUSSIA # 34/97
  • CGI - Common Gateway Interface
  • Using WWW technologies to access databases
  • Manual on PHP 3.0
  • PHP / FI Version 2.0 , Dick Brandon, translation by Yuri Pletnev
  • PHP3 club file for MSWin
  • WEB: Server scripts (CGI also PHP) on the Web mastering server for those wishing to understand
  • HTTP Overview
  • Media types are also subtypes
  • The XML language is a practical introduction , Alexander Pechersky
  • XML in front of HTML . Dmitry KIRSANOV. Journal of the Internet file for MSWin
  • The XML language is a practical introduction. Share 2 , Alexander Pechersky
  • XML: What is It, Anyway? , David Hay
  • XML: it's time , J. Angel, LAN / JOURNAL OF NETWORK SOLUTIONS # 11/99
  • Myths are also the reality of XML , S. "Kuznetsov
  • Live HTML . Dmitry KIRSANOV. Internet Magazine (description of some features of dynamic HTML) file for MSWin
  • WEB: DHTML on the server Web mastering for those who want to understand
  • DHTML-script is just about simple , Eugene Koinov
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Creating ActiveX controls using C ++ Builder , Natalia Elmanova on the server of the Center for Information Technologies
  • About how you do not need to create HTML , translating Alexander Kuck