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Keyboard shortcuts for restoring laptop factory settings

Most laptops have an operating system and drivers in a special hidden partition and do not need a disk to reinstall. It is enough when loading to press the key to enter the system recovery menu. Predalagayu compile a list of hot keys for laptop models, it will help many.

  • Acer - Alt + F10
  • HP pavilion, LG - F11
  • Packard Bell - F10
  • Dell inspiron - as soon as the screensaver appears, you need to press Ctrl + F11
  • ASUS - as soon as the ASUS screensaver appears, you need to press F9
  • Sony vaio - F10
  • Fujitsu Siemens - F8
  • Rover - when turned on, hold and hold Alt
  • LG - F11 at boot. The LG Recovery Center window should open.

Acer eRecovery full recovery description

Before the recovery procedure, note that in BIOS the Disk-to-Disk (D2D) function is enabled, who has it, enable the Quick Boot function (display of the OEM-logo), or rather simply return the BIOS settings to default (Exit tab item Load Default Setup).